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Updating employee roles

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How do I change my employee’s role?

You can change an employee’s role through the admin console:

  1. Click on Assignments.
  2. Locate the desired employee, and click on their name.
  3. In the Employee Information section, you can choose both Organizational and Learning Management roles.
  4. Once done, click Save Changes.
  5. Then close the pop-up.

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What roles can I assign, and what does each one do?

The roles are organized into two categories, Organizational and Learning Management:

  • Please note that employees can be assigned multiple roles from both categories.
  • Organizational Roles:
    • Reporting – This role allows the employee to see and access Reporting from the admin console.
      • Their access will vary based on the other roles they’ve been assigned.
    • Admin Console – This provides the highest level of permissions.
      • The employee will have access to all the data in the Admin Console.
      • It also provides Admin access in the Learning Center.
      • Reporting Access: They will be able to return data from all employees, based on the report they ran.
    • Data Manager – Grants the employee access to the Data Manager.
      • This allows them to manage the company’s Employees, Locations, and Positions by adding, removing, or editing the information.
  • Learning Management Roles:
    • Manage Employees – Allows the user to see the My Employees tool in the learning center.
      • If they are a Group Leader, they will see all employees at their Locations in their Group.
      • Reporting Access: they will only be able to access Quick Reports, and will only see users from their current location.
    • Instructor – Only available to Gold & Platinum clients.
      • The user will only be able to access the Instructor-Led Courses tab in the Admin Console, and the Learning Center.
      • Reporting Access: They will only be able to access Quick Reports, and will only see users from their current location.


The Client Resource Center also contains further information on Roles and Permission.

  1. Click on the Resource Center icon in the Admin Console
  2. .
  3. Locate the Setup Tools section.

  1. Click on the link for Roles and Permissions.


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