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Questions about your course? Part 1


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I would like to add a course to my account.

The following videos demonstrates how you can add a course from My Library into your account.

Please be advised that the content in My Library, and the appearance of VisionX may differ based on your company.

In addition, not every course offers a choice of Language. Certain courses are only offered in English.

If the course you are looking for does not show when you search Online Courses, check your Book Bag to confirm whether it has already been added to your account.

If you still have questions about adding courses, please Contact us:

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My course has a workbook. Where can I find it?

The following videos demonstrate how you can the workbook in a course.

Please be advised that not every course may contain a workbook and that the steps provided in the video may not apply to courses created by your company.

If you have any questions regarding the content of the video or locating your workbook, please Contact us:


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How do I change the language in my course?

Most courses in VisionX can be taken in both English and Spanish.

If you selected a language upon beginning your course and want to change the language selection, please contact us so we can make the change for you. We will not be able to correct the issue immediately but will prioritize your request for resolution.

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How can I retake a quiz after failing/ poor performance? 

Module Quizzes in a course can only be taken once:

  1. Each quiz is only worth a portion of the final mark.
  2. Receiving a low grade in a quiz may not prevent you from passing, provided that you do well on the rest of the quizzes.
  3. If the quiz causes you to fail, you can retake the course.

Reminder: You cannot retake a module quiz without completing the entire course. If you did not pass the course due to failing/poor performance of module quizzes, ensure that you have completed the entire course and then follow the instructions below to retake a course. By retaking the course you can have another chance to successfully complete the needed end of module quizzes towards passing.


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How do I retake a course?

First, determine whether your course was in My Assignments or in My Book Bag.

In both cases, you will have to complete your existing attempt:


The course was in My Assignments:

  1. Go to My Assignments.
  2. Click on the course you want to retake.
  3. A new attempt will be created.


The course was in My Book Bag:

  1. Go to My Library.
  2. Select your Bookbag, and locate the course.
  3. Click the Remove button next to the course.
  4. Select the Online Courses tab at the top, and locate the course.
  5. Click on the Add button next to it.
  6. A new attempt will be created.


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