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Questions about your course? Part 2


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How do I enroll in an ILT? 

There are two ways you can enroll in instructor-led training (ILT):

  1. With an assignment
  2. Without an assignment.

If you are assigned the course the assignment will appear on your My Assignments page and you will do the following:

  • Click the assigned course
  • You will see all available scheduled sessions – select the one you would like to attend
  • You are now enrolled in the scheduled session

If you have not been assigned the course and would like to enroll in optional training:

  • Click My Library
  • Select Instructor-Led Training
  • A list of available Live Training sessions will appear and you can select the desired session by clicking +Add button


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How can I take a course that is not assigned to me through the library? 

1. Log into VisionX through your company’s URL.
2. Go to My Library,
3. Select the Online Courses tab.
4. Click on the course you wish to take to add it to your Bookbag.
5. Click on your Bookbag, and select the course to access it.
For information on enrolling in Instructor-Led training through the library, see How do I enroll in an ILT?.

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Do I have to do anything special to complete my “Sexual Harassment – California Supervisor Version” course?

First, determine whether your course was in My Assignments or in My Book Bag.

Yes!  State law requires California employers to provide supervisory employees with 2 hours of interactive sexual harassment training and education every 2 years (CAGovt. Code Sec. 12950.1).

For that reason, there is a timer in this course that times the training in order to meet the requirement.  You must spend two continuous hours in the course before the completion will mark on your transcript – even if it doesn’t take you that long to complete the course.

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What is the passing grade for a course?

Courses have a default score set by your training administrator.

  • If you are unsure of the required score, please contact your training administrator to verify what is expected.


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