Taking Care of Employees, Residents & You: A Mental Health Webinar
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Taking Care of Employees, Residents and Yourself: A Conversation on Mental Health

May is Mental Health Awareness Month, and we invite you to join us for an important conversation addressing this often-overlooked topic. It has been comforting to see companies meet the COVID-19 challenges with such creativity, heart, and kindness these past 12 months. But as the pandemic has continued far longer than most expected, the daily wear and tear is at an all-time high. Often, apartment industry employees regard their self-care as secondary to the help they provide for the people they serve. While employees and residents are a top priority, we cannot properly pour into others’ glasses when our own glasses are half empty.

Join our panel of experts as we openly discuss the current challenges of self-care and viable solutions that are working as we navigate this uncharted environment.


  • Stephanie Anderson – Grace Hill’s Sr. Director of Content Strategy
  • Regina Harris – Regional Property Manager at Drucker + Falk
  • Chris Tinsley – Service Manager at MAA

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