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Hear for yourself why so many companies appreciate working with Grace Hill.

Representatives of top property management companies discuss how Grace Hill listens to their needs and helps them achieve their performance management goals.

Steve Matre

Director – HR
Banner Real Estate Group

“Grace Hill’s technological advances have allowed corporate learning and development inside our industry to reach an entirely new level.”

James Simers

Manager, Learning & Development

“It is really a partner relationship.”

Jared Forman

Director of Training
Atlantic | Pacific Management

“Grace Hill helps us fulfil the vision of what we are trying to accomplish by supporting our learning and development and the foundation we are striving to create.”

Jessica Fern

Director of Training & Development
FPI Management

“The best word I can use to describe what it’s like to work with Grace Hill is ‘partnership’…. And I really appreciate how Grace Hill fits into our long-term vision.”

Carolina Rincon

Director, Training & Development
United Property Management

“I grew with Grace Hill and how it’s evolved. Visto was a really big deal for us because we reimburse employees for CAM. Now we’re going to start with Validate.”