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Tune In to Your Tenants

A Quick Guide to Identifying and Sourcing Actionable Tenant Data

Despite shifting preferences for remote work, commercial real estate is still in demand, and it’s expected to increase. This change will make metrics like tenant and employee perceptions, lease renewal intent, opinions about building management, and amenities particularly important to understand.

In addition, the link between tenant satisfaction and renewals is undeniable. It directly impacts tenant retention, cost reduction, asset value, and the ability to increase rental rates. This makes keeping a pulse on and measuring tenant satisfaction paramount.

In back-testing conducted by KingsleySurveys, client renewal intentions revealed in survey responses are highly predictive: 75%-80% of tenants who indicated they are “likely to renew” actually did so. KingsleySurveys, powered by Grace Hill, explores this topic in-depth in the eBook, Tune In to Your Tenants: A Quick Guide to Identifying and Sourcing Actionable Tenant data.

This free eBook contains data-driven findings and tools that commercial real estate owners, operators, and investors can reference to better tune into their tenants. You’ll gain insights into:

  • Why the CRE needs to understand tenant expectations and needs
  • The satisfaction/renewal connection and how to identify gaps between what tenants expect and what they perceive they get
  • How tenant satisfaction impacts renewal
  • Unpacking critical feedback with employee surveys
  • And much more!

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