Validate 2.0 - New Experience with Validate Admin Role - Grace Hill

Validate 2.0 - New Validate Experience with Validate Admin Role - Main Validate Administrators Webinar

April 8, 2021 | Online

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Grace Hill is committed to delivering a mystery shopping program that REALLY IS a mystery. Not only does our Validate program reveal the authentic customer experience in all situations, but it also serves up automatic, targeted up-skill training. We are excited to make this powerful tool even more powerful with the release of the New Validate Admin Experience and Validate Admin Role.

In this webinar designed for those currently using the main admin role for Validate, Christi Dobbins, our Director of Product Management, will guide you through using the New Validate Experience and Validate Admin Role. She will also introduce you to the multiple resources available to help you get comfortable in the new experience and to launch the Validate Admin Role to your team when you’re ready.

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