What Happens When a Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint is Filed Against You?

A guide to the HUD enforcement process

Download Grace Hill’s step-by-step guide to the Fair Housing discrimination complaint process. In 2016 alone, the US Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) received 8,385 fair housing discrimination complaints against property owners/managers. HUD investigates the majority of those complaints and will sanction entities and individuals not in compliance with the FHA.


This guide walks you through the HUD enforcement process step-by-step, including important deadlines and penalties.


Cover page of guide to what happens when a discrimination complaint is filed against youDownload our guide to find out:

  • How to contest HUD decisions
  • When to consult legal counsel
  • Actions you can take to reduce your risk of sanctions
  • Maximum penalties you could incur
  • Deadlines you must meet along the way

And for more tips on staying compliant, check out our latest compliance mini course: Fair Housing and Limited English Proficiency.

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