Free Disaster Training from Grace Hill

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Free Disaster Training from Grace Hill

The recent hurricanes affecting Texas and Florida in quick succession have tested the disaster preparedness of many companies. Preparation, response, and recovery strategies all play a major role in just how destructive a disaster turns out to be. Florida benefited from lessons learned during Houston’s preparation and response experience, for example.


To help our clients respond to the recent disasters and prepare for future ones, Grace Hill is offering free disaster training. For the next two months, four of our courses on disaster preparation and response are free for existing Grace Hill clients:


Crisis Management 2: Emergency Preparation

Crisis Management 3: Response

Risk Management 2: Protecting People

Risk Management 3: Protecting Property


These courses cover how to:

  • Plan a strategy for how to best handle an emergency
  • Coordinate an efficient emergency response
  • Protect the lives and property at your company

We’d also like to remind you of some of the resources NAA and local apartment associations are offering their members in the wake of these disasters:

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