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Operating Procedures

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Industry-Specific Policies That Empower Your Team

Keep your team on target and in compliance. PolicyPartner helps you strengthen operations and reduce risk in an easy-to-use system. Improve performance for your properties and people with a single tool.

Improve Performance & Compliance

Your policies and procedures are only as effective as the system you use to manage them. No more searching through emails or dusting off old binders. PolicyPartner gives everyone instant access to the information they need to succeed.

We designed PolicyPartner to help your business perform. Real estate managers trust us to drive performance, mitigate risk, and have peace of mind.

Built for Real Estate Management

Easily Adapt Policies

Improve People Performance

Mitigate Risk

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Are you managing commercial real estate? We've got you covered!

PolicyPartner has helped turn policy management from a burden into a strategic advantage for top CRE organizations. Learn how you can improve your portfolio performance and standardize your organization’s policies to maintain regulatory compliance and reduce liability.

Policies That Drive Performance

Get a jump start on setting up your policies. We use decades of industry expertise to help save you months of creating policies. PolicyPartner has 17+ customizable manuals of plug-and-play policies, job descriptions, and forms.

With nearly 800 industry-specific policies, PolicyPartner is adaptive to your organizational needs.

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Leasing & Marketing
  • Tax Credit Compliance
  • Maintenance
  • Management & Operations
  • Student Housing
  • Job Descriptions
  • Manager Guide
  • Corporate Accounting

We have even more policies! Contact us for the complete list.

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Leverage Our Expertise To Get Started

  • Choose between in-person or virtual consultations to customize policies in a few days.
  • Keep operating procedures straightforward with intuitive formatting.
  • Maintain peak system efficiency with regular complimentary review consultations.

Take your team to the next level of performance with PolicyPartner.

Risk Mitigation Made Easy

Leverage support from our policy experts to maintain compliance.
We understand your business and what’s needed to protect you from liability.

Protect Yourself With Policies

  • Maintain compliance with instant access anywhere to updated policies and documents.
  • Document previous versions of policies automatically to defend against legal action.
  • Customize our plug-and-play policy templates to meet the needs of your unique business.
  • Use admin roles to collaborate with HR, legal, marketing, and more.
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"We’ve been able to streamline our policies and procedures to allow our team members immediate access to consistent, up-to-date information."

Jackie Rhone
Senior Managing Director

Download the PolicyPartner Brochure

We think PolicyPartner is the perfect solution for policy management, and we’d love to show you how it will benefit your team! We also understand that sometimes the decision to set up a new tool requires additional support in your company.

Download the PolicyPartner brochure now and share it with your colleagues before contacting us for a live, personalized demo

Maintain High Standards

  • Create a culture of consistency and policy-driven behavior to achieve high standards.
  • Drive asset performance with policy reporting insights.
  • Leverage system features and new policies with consultation from a dedicated support team.
  • Connect policies with training to boost awareness and understanding.
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PolicyPartner Brings Peace of Mind

  • Accessible anytime from anywhere, including mobile devices.
  • Legal monitoring provided for up-to-date policies to maintain compliance.
  • Easy to use for employees. Easy to manage for admins.
  • Central hub for all the essential documents means outdated forms are gone forever. 
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"PolicyPartner has not only given us the tool to streamline our policies, but it has given us the means to be forward-thinking in implementing these items. We greatly value the ability to have everything housed in one accessible place, with admins having the ability to edit and launch policies/procedures on the move — and replace outdated paper policy binders."

Linzzie Wallace
Manager of Procurement and Mobilization
CA Ventures

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