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Industry-Specific Policies That Empower Your Team

Mitigate risk by ensuring employees can access up-to-date policies at any time, on any device.

Improve Performance & Compliance

Grace Hill has helped multifamily organizations customize, distribute, and maintain policies for more than 25 years. Advanced features increase employee engagement and policy compliance with less administrative time and effort.

Empower your team with comprehensive, industry-specific policies accessed through PerformanceHQ, our new technology platform. 

Standardize Policies

Improve Performance

Get Ongoing Updates

Mitigate Risk


Meet Gracie: AI Chatbot

Your Onsite Policy Guide

Gracie is available 24/7 to provide quick, clear responses to any policy-related questions! Now available in PerformanceHQ, Gracie delivers precise and consistent answers based on your company’s policy content, helping employees save time and avoid mistakes.

Policies That Drive Performance

Get a jump start on setting up your policies! We use decades of industry expertise to help save you months of creating policies. Grace Hill has 18+ manuals of plug-and-play policies, job descriptions, and forms - all customizable to suit your specific needs.

  • Emergency Procedures
  • Leasing & Marketing
  • Tax Credit Compliance
  • Job Descriptions
  • Manager Guide
  • Corporate Accounting
  • Maintenance
  • Management & Operations
  • Student Housing

View our online catalog to see the complete list of our Policies!

Stay Compliant. Reduce Risk.

  • 1000+ policies designed to jump-start compliance.
  • Rest assured, policies comply with changing laws and regulations.
  • Show proof of policy receipt with secure electronic signatures.
  • Version history shows policy details at the time of acknowledgment.
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When policies are difficult to find, employees are 2x more likely not to follow them and half as likely to report observed misconduct.*

See what a difference accessible policies can make for your team!

Ensure Employees Get the Right Policies at the Right Time

Effortlessly assign policies based on property type, location, and expectations of the position. Protect your people (and your assets) by providing employees with policies that are relevant and specific to their needs.

  • Automated Assignments
  • Secure Acknowledgments
  • Historical Compliance Reporting
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"We’ve been able to streamline our policies and procedures to allow our team members immediate access to consistent, up-to-date information."

Jackie Rhone
Senior Managing Director

Risk Mitigation Made Easy

Leverage support from our policy experts to maintain compliance.
We understand your business and what’s needed to protect you from liability.


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Download the Policies Brochure

Ready to take the next step? Download our policy brochure now to learn more. Share it with your colleagues and contact us for a live, personalized demo!

Elevate Policy Administration

  • Admin features offer employee authentication and increased content security.
  • Easily create policy acknowledgment reports with compliance and engagement insights.
  • Capture compliance performance in real time with our visual compliance dashboard.
  • Drill down into the data for specific property, position, or individual performance.
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Maximize Performance

  • Quickly find the policies you are looking for with enhanced “fuzzy” search capabilities.
  • Customize policies and manuals to suit your needs.
  • Access personalized dashboards in PerformanceHQ from any device.

What would it actually cost you to create and manage policies yourself?

On the surface, it may seem simple to create company policies in-house, but the actual cost — and risk — involved
with doing it yourself is staggering.

Maintain High Standards

  • Create a culture of consistency and policy-driven behavior to achieve high standards.
  • Drive asset performance with policy reporting insights.
  • Leverage system features and new policies with consultation from a dedicated support team.
  • Connect policies with training to ensure awareness and understanding.
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Policies That Deliver Peace of Mind

  • Legal monitoring provided for up-to-date policies to maintain compliance.
  • Easy-to-use for employees, easy-to-manage for admins.
  • Central hub for all the essential documents means outdated forms are gone forever.

Policies Impact Resident Turnover

Set the stage for a positive resident experience with policies that are easy for employees to find and understand. What is resident turnover really costing your company?

Calculate your annual cost with our Resident Turnover Cost Calculator!

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"Grace Hill policy management has not only given us the tool to streamline our policies, but it has given us the means to be forward-thinking in implementing these items. We greatly value the ability to have everything housed in one accessible place, with admins having the ability to edit and launch policies/procedures on the move — and replace outdated paper policy binders."

Linzzie Wallace
Manager of Procurement and Mobilization
CA Ventures

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Are you managing commercial real estate? We've got you covered!

Grace Hill has helped turn policy management from a burden into a strategic advantage for top CRE organizations. Learn how you can improve your portfolio performance and standardize your organization’s policies to maintain regulatory compliance and reduce liability.

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A Comprehensive Talent Management Solution

Take your employee development program to the next level by combining training, mystery shopping, employee and resident surveys, and reputation management solutions. Create a continual cycle of improvement with the power of Grace Hill’s entire suite of solutions. 

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