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Attract top talent. Develop your team. Grow your company’s performance. Whatever your goals are, Visto helps make it easier and more affordable to broaden your team’s education.

Start Winning the Fight for the Industry’s Top Talent

Survey after survey shows employees want more. One of the benefits near the top of their list is education. The best employees want their company to support their education and career development. Naturally, the companies battling for the best are taking education seriously.

Visto gives your company the advantage in the battle for the best employees. Using Visto for industry education is affordable, effective, and valuable.

Workers Value Learning Opportunities

Career-focused training and development ranks high among 15,066 U.S. workers surveyed.


% of U.S. workers want to update their skills.

of U.S. workers want to update their skills.

2 (1)

would consider switching jobs to do it.

say job training and development increased their job satisfaction.

say job training and development increased their job satisfaction.


say upskilling opportunities are an important reason to stay at their job.

Source: The American Upskilling Study: Empowering Workers for the Jobs of Tomorrow, Gallup, 2021.

Visto allows you to:

Buy In Bulk

  • Over 60 credentials and courses to choose from in the Bulk Purchase Catalog.
  • Save more when you buy more. Get a graduated discount percentage on increasingly larger purchases.
  • Streamlined process to buy in bulk. No more contracts or salespeople – just add to cart and click to buy.
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"Companies will compete on how well they are able to find, source, develop, advance, and retain talent. Learners and workers will compete on skills and credentials and the ability to be agile in a dynamic labor market and economy."

U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

Industry-Specific Education

Training That Engages

Credentials That Advance Your Company and Career

Streamlined Buying Process

Invest in your team the affordable way!

For multifamily leaders who want to invest in their team’s education, Visto can help save money.

Credentials Admired by the Industry

In partnership with the National Apartment Association Education Institute (NAAEI), Grace Hill built Visto to be the most convenient way to earn a credential. Not just any credential — NAAEI's accreditations for rental housing are the most admired in our industry. Visto makes it simple to bring that prestige to your team.



Credentials For Every Career Path

  • CALP - Leasing Professionals
  • CAM - Community Managers
  • CAPS - Residential Property Management Leader
  • CAS - Product & Service Providers
  • CAMT - Maintenance Technicians*
  • CAMT+E - Energy Efficiency Microcredential
  • CAMT+L - Leadership Microcredential

* CAMT is currently only offered at in-person training sessions. Please inquire with your local apartment association for future offerings. The CAMT+E and CAMT+L microcredentials are available online to CAMT holders through Visto.

Offer the Benefit of Continuing Education

Your team doesn’t stop learning when they've earned the credential. NAAEI requires continuing education credits (CECs) each year to renew the credential. By adding Visto to your benefits package, you can provide even more value to your employees. Visto includes dozens of courses that fulfill the annual CEC rule — and many are available in the Bulk Catalog.


Continuing Education Credit Courses

Visto provides CEC-eligible courses that cover all the essential topics. And you’ll never worry about outdated training — we track industry changes to bring new and updated courses regularly. Visto’s CEC courses include topics such as:

  • Fair Housing*
  • Workplace Violence
  • Diversity, Equity & Inclusion
  • Leasing & Sales Skills
  • Business Ethics
  • Leadership Skills
  • Property Financials
  • Maintenance Basics
  • Marketing Essentials
  • And More!

* Visto’s Fair Housing training (created by Grace Hill) is the only NAAEI-endorsed Fair Housing course in the industry. Grace Hill’s Fair Housing courses are approved for use by the Texas Dept. of Housing & Community Affairs (TDHCA) and Virginia's Dept. of Professional & Occupational Regulation (DPOR).

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Offer your employees the benefit of education.

Take their career and your company’s performance to the next level with NAAEI credentials and CECs.

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We think Visto is the perfect solution for continuing education in the rental housing industry!

Download the Visto brochure now and share it with your colleagues to help them see the value of credentials and industry education.

Trusted by the Rental Housing Industry


Visto learners have earned an NAAEI credential since the program launched in 2016


Personal development courses and webinars


Credentials, microcredentials, and CEC courses

A Comprehensive Talent Management Solution

Take your company to the next level by combining policy manuals, mystery shopping, employee and resident surveys, training, and reputation management solutions. Create a continual cycle of improvement with the power of Grace Hill’s entire product suite.


The leading learning management system in multifamily.

Operating Procedures

Industry-specific policies that empower your team and reduce risk.

Mystery Shopping

Robust mystery shop program that blends technology with assessment best practices.

Data & Insights

Gain actionable insights with comprehensive survey tools and trusted benchmarks.

Online Reputation Management

Enhance your online brand and drive prospects to your properties.

Credentials & CECs

Attract top talent by investing in employee education and career development.

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