Partnerships: Making an Impact Together


Making an Impact TOGETHER

We partner with companies inside and outside the Real Estate industry to create solutions that help our mutual clients improve their performance.

Individual companies can only do so much on their own.
Grace Hill offers channel, technology, and strategic partnerships that provide exponentially greater co-marketing and co-selling opportunities. Let’s work together to broaden our impact in the real estate industry and our communities!

Our Partners

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Become a Channel Partner

  • Sell, manage, or deliver our products together.
  • Increase revenue with referral programs.
  • Educate and convey the benefits of our partnership with co-marketing.

Become a Technology Partner

  • Integrate our products in a mutually beneficial way.
  • Send data back and forth, create new workflows or trigger events, enrich data across teams, and create go-to-market strategies together.
  • Co-sell and co-market our integrations to clients.
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Become a Strategic Partner

  • Create broad, multi-department agreements that align our strategic efforts.
  • Develop long-term relationships that can involve co-selling and co-marketing partnerships.
  • Combine channel and technology partnerships as a broader strategic partner.

With ongoing labor shortages, multifamily owner/operators must find innovative ways to build their workforces and get critical maintenance team jobs ready faster. Our partnership with Grace Hill provides mutual clients with seamless access to Interplay’s extensive catalog of immersive, on-demand maintenance technician training so they can develop a highly-trained team quickly and grow their talent in-house.” 

Doug Donovan
Founder and CEO of Interplay Learning

Interplay Doug Headshot

Looking to partner with Grace Hill to make an impact together?

Contact us to learn more!

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