The Power of Competitive Mystery Shops in Multifamily Housing
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The Power of Competitive Mystery Shops in Multifamily

Posted on October 23, 2023 by Grace Hill

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Proven and effective, competitive mystery shops help you surpass the competition, boost your bottom line, and increase resident satisfaction.


In the fiercely competitive world of multifamily apartment management, staying ahead of the curve is essential, hinging not only on providing well-maintained properties and exceptional amenities but also on understanding and surpassing the expectations of potential renters. 

One powerful tool that’s gaining prominence in the industry is competitive mystery shopping. Incorporating competitive mystery shops into your company’s toolkit can be a game-changer. This innovative approach allows you to see your business through the eyes of your prospects and identify areas for improvement that might otherwise go unnoticed.

While the insight is invaluable, it’s often an underutilized strategy. In this blog, we will explore four compelling reasons why multifamily companies should incorporate competitive mystery shops into their plans.

What Is Competitive Mystery Shopping

Competitive mystery shopping involves discreetly evaluating the performance of your competitors, but it also allows you to compare your customer experience to that of your competitors. With competitive mystery shopping, you gain valuable insights into competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, which enables you to fine-tune your strategies for attracting and retaining residents.

According to the Mystery Shopping Professionals Association (MSPA), it is the “most cost-effective and accurate way to evaluate how your prices and services stack up against the competition.”

The 4 Benefits of Competitive Mystery Shopping

1. Stay Ahead of the Competition

In the dynamic multifamily housing sector, knowing your competitors is essential. Competitive mystery shopping provides a unique perspective by analyzing the competition through the eyes of a prospective resident. By identifying areas where your competitors excel, you gain a competitive edge. You can pinpoint what sets them apart and apply those lessons to your own properties.

Whether it’s exceptional customer service, innovative amenities, or unbeatable pricing, these insights help you stay ahead of the competition and strategically improve your offerings.

2. Improve the Customer Experience

The customer experience is a critical factor in the success of a multifamily community. Competitive mystery shopping scrutinizes how competitors’ leasing agents interact with potential residents, how quickly they respond to inquiries, and their properties’ overall appearance and maintenance.

Armed with these insights, you can adjust your customer service strategies accordingly. Enhancing your leasing agents’ communication skills, streamlining response times, and maintaining pristine property appearances all contribute to an improved customer experience. Making essential modifications where needed can lead to higher occupancy rates and increased resident satisfaction.

3. Increase Resident Satisfaction

Happy residents are more likely to stay longer, renew leases, and refer friends and family to your properties. By leveraging competitive mystery shopping to enhance the customer experience, you can significantly boost resident satisfaction.

A seamless leasing process, responsive maintenance services, and a welcoming community atmosphere make residents feel valued and content. As a result, you’ll see longer lease terms, reduced vacancy rates, and a surge in positive word-of-mouth referrals.

4. Boost Leasing Success

The leasing process is a pivotal point in multifamily property management. Competitive mystery shopping evaluates this process objectively by identifying areas where your leasing agents excel and where they may need improvement.

By identifying gaps in the process, you can provide your team with targeted training and development opportunities. This approach ensures your leasing agents are well-prepared to handle inquiries, showcase the property’s advantages, and close deals effectively. Ultimately, this translates into higher leasing success rates, increased revenue, and stronger financial performance.

Competitive Mystery Shopping: An Important Tool in Your Toolbelt

In the fast-paced world of multifamily apartment management, staying competitive is non-negotiable. Competitive mystery shopping offers multifamily property managers a strategic advantage by revealing valuable insights about the competition, improving the customer experience, increasing resident satisfaction, and boosting leasing success.

By incorporating competitive mystery shops, multifamily property owners don’t just keep pace with the competition; they surpass it! It’s a proactive approach that not only benefits the bottom line but also enhances the lives of residents and fosters a healthy community. 

So, if you’re looking for that extra edge in the multifamily housing market, don’t overlook the power of competitive mystery shopping — it can be the key to unlocking your company’s future success. 

And with its proven effectiveness, what are you waiting for?

With Grace Hill’s Annual & Save program, incorporating competitive mystery shopping is a snap because you have the power to choose a solution with competitive mystery shopping built in! 

Contact Grace Hill today and talk to our multifamily experts about getting started with competitive shops.

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