Announcing Vision 2020

Announcing Vision 2020

Grace Hill just launched a new learner experience that makes training more personal, rewarding, and user-friendly! Introducing Vision 2020, the first learning management system for multifamily developed using Google Material Design and vetted by property management professionals. The new design makes it quick and easy for training administrators to deliver a custom training experience that meets their learners’ needs.


Personalized Experience

  • Admins can easily customize the learning environment as much or as little as they want, with options to add company logos and colors, rotating banners, social feeds, custom links, and announcements.
  • The library makes personalized recommendations to learners based on their role.
  • Engaging leader boards and rewards offer learners personal recognition and motivation.
  • A full-featured calendar allows learners to reserve blocks of time for training.


Intuitive Environment

  • Used by major platforms learners already interact with daily, Google Material Design principles make navigation feel familiar and easy.
  • Visual action prompts tell learners exactly what they need to do next.
  • A new welcome slide-out gives learners personalized next steps in a single snapshot. 


Efficient & Enjoyable Learning 

  • A new course player offers a smoother and more enjoyable experience for learners.
  • All courses are now one full course shorter, making it easier for learners to fit training into their busy schedules.


Vision 2020 Isn’t Just for Learners

The new Vision 2020 learning environment makes administration easier too! It can be set up and customized in under 30 minutes. And the more intuitive design gives us the platform for enhanced administration features to roll out soon. So stay tuned! 


Demo the Vision 2020 Learner Experience

Is Your Organization Secure When It Comes To Fair Housing?

 Stay Fair Housing Compliant with Grace Hill’s Checklist

You may not have experienced a conflict with Fair Housing compliance yet, but multifamily companies are vulnerable to such lawsuits from many fronts, and violations can be costly. 


For example, in April 2019 HUD reported that civil penalties for Fair Housing violations may be levied up to $16,000 for a first violation and $65,000 for future violations. Areas that leave organizations at risk include: 

  • Untrained employees
  • Outdated legal knowledge
  • Inadequate policies
  • Changing rules and legislation


If you’re unsure whether your organization is currently covering all the bases to avoid a Fair Housing violation, Grace Hill has a Checklist for Decreasing Fair Housing Compliance Risk just for you. 


Critical Fair Housing Practices

To help you determine areas of fair housing compliance that may need to be strengthened at your organization, the checklist includes:


  • Nuisance abatement policy and other necessary FHA compliance reminders
  • Identifying behaviors and language that may indicate discriminatory treatment
  • Keeping your sexual harassment policies up to date
  • Guidelines for religious meetings and assistance animals
  • Policies around families and children


There may be more examples of fair housing compliance violations than you and your staff are even aware of, so equip yourself today!


Why Grace Hill?

Grace Hill gives our clients tools to manage risk on every front. We provide you with comprehensive support that suits all your learning management needs, including mini-courses, free webinars, policy upkeep, and assessment methods for determining the efficacy of your training. Grace Hill continually provides across-the-board compliance support more than any other multifamily training company. 


Download the Checklist for Decreasing Fair Housing Compliance Risk for support in keeping track of the many important components your policies and training should include in order to minimize risk and provide a safe, fair, and positive environment for all. 

Ensure Your Sexual Harassment Policy is in Compliance

In the wake of the #MeToo movement, federal and state governments are rapidly taking increased action to crack down on sexual harassment in housing and employment. Multifamily companies may be at risk for non-compliance with new anti-harassment legislation if they aren’t keeping up with new rules and regulations. There’s never been a more important time to ensure your company is taking all the necessary steps to prevent sexual harassment. 

We at Grace Hill are dedicated to ensuring our training courses are all up to date and in line with these changes and will continue to keep pace with them to ensure you and your organization are equipped to prevent (and report) sexual harassment as necessary. As one step, we have compiled a Guide to Reducing Sexual Harassment Risk in order to clarify some points of confusion over sexual harassment policy and to help you assess your own policy and training for areas that may need to be strengthened. 

For example, do you and members of your team know: 

  • Sexual harassment does not have to be motivated by sexual desire in order to violate the Fair Housing Act?
  • The company employing a person accused of harassment could be found liable for failure to adequately address the allegations?
  • That there are many forms of sexual harassment, beyond the overt offenses you may already be thinking of?

Use Grace Hill’s free Essential Guide to Reducing Sexual Harassment Risk as the first step to understanding these questions and protecting your organization. Inside we clarify common myths, offer prevention tips, and provide a checklist for sexual harassment policy and training. This foundational guide will help you assess the strength of your sexual harassment prevention program so you can lower your organization’s risk. 

We want to help you identify state and national laws around harassment, find multiple channels for both employee and resident reporting, and develop methods for frequent managerial training. Download the Essential Guide to Reducing Sexual Harassment Risk to begin protecting your organization, as well as its valued employees and residents. 

Download the Grace Hill Essential Guide to Reducing Sexual Harassment Risk today!