Grace Hill Announces New Technology Platform, PerformanceHQ

Grace Hill Announces New Centralized Technology Platform, PerformanceHQ

Policy and Training solutions are maximized within a powerful ecosystem that empowers teams,
supports retention, and maximizes ROI.

Irving, T.X., June 12, 2024 - Grace Hill, the innovator of talent and performance management solutions for commercial and multifamily real estate, today announced PerformanceHQ, their new technology platform. PerformanceHQ provides customers with one centralized technology platform that offers a streamlined user experience and new insights, promoting a cycle of performance improvement. It also includes access to Gracie, a new AI chatbot that delivers quick, clear responses to any policy-related question.

Grace Hill’s Policies and Training are the first solutions available in the new platform, with Surveys and Mystery Shopping coming later this year. Accessing training and policies through PerformanceHQ provides operators with enhanced user management, automated assignments, secure acknowledgments, and visual dashboards that maximize employee efficiency, development, and compliance. Plus, the new Gracie AI chatbot can provide a unified answer from multiple policy sources, saving users time and avoiding frustration. 

“Employee turnover continues to impact our industry,” said Kendall Pretzer, CEO of Grace Hill. “Today's workforce requires enhanced resources and technology at their fingertips to be efficient. Quick access to current policies and courses provides a foundation for superior work performance, advancement, and ultimately fosters retention. PerformanceHQ delivers our trusted content with enhanced capabilities that drive people and property performance.”

For multifamily operators, the turnover rate is roughly 33% per year, 11% above the national average. With an average cost per hire of $4,700, a company with 100 employees could spend more than $150K annually on employee hiring costs. Data shows that 76% of employees are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training, so providing ongoing development is critical to retention. 

Technology enhancements available in PerformanceHQ include new rule-based assignments based on property type, location, or expectation of the position. This feature ensures employees receive policies and training that are relevant and specific to their needs. Other enhancements include new compliance tracking dashboards that highlight policy and training performance for specific properties, positions, or individuals. Personalized employee dashboards now offer a single view of required, recommended, and even “favorite” training and policies. 

“PerformanceHQ is designed so that all solutions will work together seamlessly,” says Julia Crawford, Senior Vice President of Product Management at Grace Hill. “By integrating key functionality across solutions and leveraging our Gracie AI chatbot, customers can empower their teams and maximize the return on their technology investment.”

Policies in PerformanceHQ debuted in April of 2024 as the first solution on the new platform. As more Grace Hill solutions are added to PerformanceHQ, customers will have one centralized technology platform that offers a streamlined user experience and additional insights, promoting a cycle of performance improvement. 

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