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Bayshore Properties

SUCCESS STORY Bayshore Properties Transforming Policy Management Bayshore Properties faced challenges in managing their company policies and procedures because the processes they had in place were entirely manual. As Julie Vasic says, “Our policies and procedures were scattered, not in one place, and varied by property.” Their ability to maintain consistent and timely policy updates… Read More »

The Science of Selling Apartments Ebook

EBOOK The Science of Selling Apartments How Data Drives Leasing Performance The apartment rental market is booming. With a million units under construction in 2023 and a projected delivery of 550,000 in 2024 the race for qualified renters is on. The sheer volume of new options creates a fierce competitive landscape for property managers. But… Read More »

Training and Policies in PerformanceHQ Solution Brochure

BROCHURE Policies + Training = Seamless Experience Tie established policies with courses that meet industry standards for a seamless experience your employees will actually enjoy! Grace Hill’s trusted Policies and Training are now together on PerformanceHQ, our new technology platform. Download this brochure to see all the benefits and impact of combining your policies and… Read More »

Gracie AI Chatbot Flyer

FLYER Meet Gracie: AI Chatbot Your Onsite Policy Guide Gracie is available 24/7 to provide quick, clear responses to any policy-related question! Now available in PerformanceHQ, Gracie delivers precise and consistent answers based on your company’s policy content, helping employees save time and avoid mistakes. Your team has to be prepared for anything, and the… Read More »

Employee Wellness Is Critical for Employee Performance Ebook

EBOOK Employee Wellness Is Critical for Employee Performance How Property Managers Can Help Mental Health Awareness Month provides an important reminder of the significant roles landlords and property managers play in promoting the health and well-being of the employees in their buildings. Download this ebook to learn how commercial spaces can support employee well-being and… Read More »

Summer Solutions Splash: Dive Into Innovation With Grace Hill! Webinar

WEBINAR Summer Solutions Splash: Dive Into What’s New With Grace Hill! See the latest in multifamily technology from Grace Hill! PerformanceHQ: The ultimate platform where Policies and Training come together, offering an unparalleled synergy to drive your team’s efficiency and effectiveness.  Gracie AI Chatbot: Meet your new go-to guide for all policy-related questions! Spend less… Read More »

Top 3 Multifamily Must-Haves To Manage Your Online Reputation

WEBINAR Top 3 Multifamily Must-Haves To Manage Your Online Reputation Watch Now In the multifamily industry, staying on top of your online reputation is essential. Since 79% of renters say reviews influenced their leasing decisions and 47% expect management to respond to ALL online reviews, streamlining your strategy is critical to success. But with so… Read More »

Enhance Your Property’s Online Brand

BROCHURE Multifamily Reputation Management Solution As a property manager, you know blind spots in your online reputation are dangerous. But, managing feedback scattered across the web is time-consuming, and generic solutions lack industry-specific features. Grace Hill’s enhanced Online Reputation Management (ORM) solution offers a consolidated view of your reviews, listings, and social sites, along with… Read More »

SkillCat Maintenance Training Brochure

BROCHURE Introducing SkillCat: Mobile Maintenance Training Grace Hill has teamed up with SkillCat to offer comprehensive online maintenance training for multifamily organizations. This training, accessible via a mobile app, simulates hands-on experience and equips maintenance technicians with the necessary skills to complete service requests properly. Learn how Grace Hill + SkillCat can level up your… Read More »

North York Residential

SUCCESS STORY North York Residential Turning the Tide After taking over the management of seven properties, North York Residential found themselves in “triage” mode, with the most significant challenge stemming from the previous management company’s neglect. Performance at each property was in decline, with little attention paid to resident retention. Learn how North York Residential… Read More »

Move-In Effect: How the ‘Hello’ Impacts the ‘I’ll Stay Longer’

WEBINAR Move-In Effect: How the “Hello” Impacts the “I’ll Stay Longer” Learn more about “The Move-In Effect” to uncover how the first “hello” directly impacts a resident’s likelihood to renew later. This session dives into the psychology of first impressions and reveals pivotal data demonstrating how move-in satisfaction equates to long-term resident loyalty. If you’re ready… Read More »

Seizing ESG Opportunity in Commercial Real Estate Ebook

EBOOK Seizing the ESG Opportunity in Real Estate Ebook The real estate industry is undergoing a rapid shift, making ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) considerations a critical part of daily operations. Both multifamily and commercial buildings that embrace ESG initiatives can positively impact your bottom line, enhance resilience, and create value for residents and tenants.… Read More »

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