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Customer Success Stories

Customer Success Stories

North York Residential

Learn how North York Residential elevated their property performance with Grace Hill's comprehensive training.
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Clarity Commercial

Read how Clarity Commercial improved workflows and streamlined operations with policies and training.
Cambridge Policies Success Story


Read how Cambridge solved their paper problems and ditched bulky policy binders.

Busboom Group

Learn how Busboom charted a course toward innovative training for their company by incorporating custom content into their training programs.

Asset Living

Watch this short video to learn how Asset Living partnered with Grace Hill to help onboard new employees and ultimately reach their performance goals.
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Dolben Company

Learn how the Dolben Company leveraged Grace Hill’s comprehensive training to stay compliant and help employees grow their careers within the organization.

Allied Orion Group

Learn how Allied Orion Group leveraged Grace Hill’s training, policies, and mystery shop solutions to develop and retain top talent.

RXR Realty

Learn how RXR Realty differentiates themselves in the market with digital solutions from PolicyPartner and KingsleySurveys. SVP of Property Management Michael Aisner discusses how RXR...

Stoneweg US

Stoneweg US understands that measuring what matters makes all the difference, and Grace Hill’s KingsleySurveys provided him the platform to do just that. Learn how KingsleySurveys can deepen your insight to unlock asset value!

Gorman & Company

Learn how Gorman & Company provided the best experience for their people-centric organization, by prioritizing employee engagement and compliance using Grace Hill’s industry-specific learning management system. Integrated program “add-ons” can be tempting, but they’re not always the best choice. Because compliance and employee engagement mattered most, Grace Hill’s Vision LMS became the clear choice.

Columbia Residential

Ka’Ren Sarvis, Vice President for Associate Development at Columbia Residential, shares, “Grace Hill invests in us so we can invest in others.”

Wood Partners

Watch this short video as Brian Ericson shares the value KingsleySurveys brings in delivering actual data to understand how things are working, as opposed to relying on anecdotal stories.
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