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Risk Reduction and Compliance

Are you protecting your people and your company?

Compliance is so much more than checking a box!

When it comes to compliance and risk reduction, there are three essential areas that a company must address in order to thrive – policies, training, and assessment. By focusing on these crucial elements, businesses can ensure elevated operational efficiency and enhance the performance of their employees. Explore our resources and services to achieve a safer and more compliant workplace environment.

Reduce Risk

Lawsuits are time-consuming and COSTLY. Comprehensive employee training and policy management solutions are necessary to help prevent common mistakes and provide a strong defense against potential claims.

Stay Compliant

Compliance is complicated. Annual training refreshers and up-to-date policies ensure employees know what they should (and should NOT) do to stay compliant with changing requirements.

Improve Performance

Grace Hill’s training is convenient, engaging, and SHORT, so it fits into your team’s busy day. Our policies are accessible from anywhere, so whether they are screening applications, promoting vacancies, or managing service requests, your staff will be equipped to provide an equitable AND exceptional experience!

Would you risk it all?

What would you do if your company was faced with a discrimination complaint? HUD investigations can be both time-consuming and costly. Knowing how the investigation process works and how you can respond appropriately helps reduce your risk.

Grace Hill Fair Housing Discrimination Complaint Ebook
Fair Housing Compliance Checklist content

The time to reduce your liability is now!

Protect your business (and your people) from Fair Housing claims with our new compliance checklist.

Perry MacLennan, Attorney, Haynsworth, Sinkler Boyd, P.A.

"Grace Hill’s products allow housing providers to educate their staff and develop policies and procedures that comply with the law and will help reduce the organization’s exposure if a complaint is filed."

Perry MacLennan
Haynsworth, Sinkler Boyd, P.A.

Over 700 policies and 60 training courses covering compliance and risk

We provide you and your teams with the largest library of fully vetted and up-to-date training courses and policies specifically focused on compliance and risk mitigation for the multifamily industry.

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Ready to learn more about policy, training, and assessment solutions that help ensure compliance, reduce risk, and elevate operational efficiency?

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