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The Art of Onboarding: Building Strong F...

Transform your new hires into rockstar employees with these proven onboarding strategies.
Mastering Your Pink Shoes: Exploring the Power of Emotional Intelligence for Achieving Greater Success and Fulfillment Woman Shoes Banner. High heels closeup. Top view. Women fashion. Ladies accessories. Girly casual formal shoe isolated. pink background. Footwear on floor. Copy space, mockup. flat lay Selective focus

Mastering Your Pink Shoes: Exploring the...

Have you ever had someone or something in your life get under your skin so much that you found yourself reacting in a way that totally derailed your ability to get things done or build productive relationships? A physiological response happens in our brains when we get triggered or one of our values is compromised. Did you know we can actually learn how to control our reaction to those emotional responses?
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The Tenant Council: Creating Asset Value...

Learn how implementing a Tenant Council enhances communication with tenants, improves service levels from vendors and the building’s management team, increases the probability your best tenants will renew their leases, and maximizes asset value.

Upgrade Your Policies This Fall

Are your company's policies in need of a fall refresh? Explore policy solutions built for multifamily property management and hear real-world situations where basic policies just didn't cut it.
Neuro-WHAT? Neurodiversity and Multifamily: Strategies for Fostering Inclusion

Neuro-WHAT? Neurodiversity and Multifami...

Join Christi Wedel, Learning and Development Manager, AG Living, as she explores strategies for supporting neurodiversity in multifamily housing, including how to create an environment that is accessible and accommodating for all.

Leadership Languages: Understanding What...

Join our webinar with Marci French, to help you understand the importance of leadership languages and how to use them to motivate your team members.

Asset Living Achieves KPIs With Grace Hi...

Watch this short video to learn how Asset Living partnered with Grace Hill to help onboard new employees and ultimately reach their performance goals.

WOW Your Rental Prospects: Get More Leas...

Leasing is all about relationship building, but renters are not looking for a friend. Sure, It works better when they like you, but here is the hard truth; prospects will rent even when they don’t like you if they perceive you as the better VALUE! Join Grace Hill and leasing and training expert Rick Ellis, CAM, CPM, for this leasing and sales webinar that will get you more long-term residents, higher rent, more referrals, and 5-star reviews!

Your Online Property Reputation Matters!

Your property’s online reputation is a powerful resident acquisition and retention tool. Make the most of all the good things your residents are saying about you online by following these tips for successful online reputation management (ORM). Watch this video to learn about three ways reputation management can help boost your portfolio’s online reputation.

Fair Housing Compliance Solutions Video

Compliance mistakes are costly! But with changing fair housing laws and increased regulations, staying compliant can be overwhelming. Luckily Grace Hill can help! We offer industry-specific fair housing solutions that help you reduce risk and stay compliant…while improving your overall property performance.

4 Reasons to Restart Your Mystery Shops ...

Training and mystery shopping programs help set your team up for success by ensuring you are delivering a memorable experience for each prospect who visits your community. Join this live session where our experts discuss how training and mystery shop programs help ensure you are delivering a memorable experience for each prospect who visits your community.

7 Tips for Reducing Fair Housing Liabili...

With changing fair housing laws and increased regulations, staying compliant is only one part of this puzzle. Join Grace Hill and Wesley Aleshire to explore the top liabilities associated with reasonable accommodations, reasonable modifications, Fair Housing questions and trending FHA topics with thoughtful consideration.
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