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Summer Solutions Splash: Dive Into Innov...

See the latest in multifamily technology and innovation with NEW PerformanceHQ Training, Policies, Gracie AI Chatbot and Reputation Management solutions from Grace Hill!

Top 3 Multifamily Must-Haves To Manage Y...

Join us for an on-demand webinar where experts Stephanie Anderson and Jay Thompson explore the multifamily must-haves for a proactive reputation management strategy. Learn how to build a consistent online presence, respond efficiently, and attract new residents!
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Move-In Effect: How the ‘Hello’ Impa...

Embark on a journey through “The Move-In Effect” to uncover how the first "hello" directly impacts a resident’s likelihood to renew later. This webinar dives into the psychology of first impressions and reveals pivotal data demonstrating how move-in satisfaction equates to long-term resident loyalty.
Business man using digital chatbot application Artificial Intelligence (AI). Futuristic technology transformation by entering command prompt for artificial intelligence.

The Implications of AI on Fair Housing

Learn about the implications of AI technology in fair housing and rental property management and is designed to explore the complex interplay between AI innovations and fair housing obligations.
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Insights from the 2024 Renter Preference...

We invite you to join Grace Hill’s upcoming webinar where we will share exclusive insights from the 2024 NMHC and Grace Hill Renter Preferences Survey! We'll unlock the secrets to resident happiness and redefine the rental experience as we unveil the hottest trends and unparalleled insights gathered from over 172,000 renters across the nation.

ESG, GRESB & Reporting: What’s Ne...

We invite you to join Grace Hill’s upcoming webinar, “ESG, GRESB & Reporting: What’s New for 2024 for CRE Owners and Operators,” where we will take a deeper look at the impact and evolution of ESG, GRESB, and Reporting with Brenna S. Walraven, an internationally recognized leader in commercial real estate and sustainability, and Amy Fisher, a real estate thought leader with Grace Hill.

Grace Hill Training Solutions

Watch this video to learn more about our Learning Management System (LMS) and engaging course content.
Employee Needs Surveys Call center, manager and telemarketing team at computer for software training, customer service and CRM in office at night. Man, woman and sales mentor helping intern on desktop for technical support

Grace Hill Survey Video Overview

Let our Survey Solutions help your business capture data on resident, tenant, employee, and investor perceptions.

Grace Hill Mystery Shopping Solutions Ov...

Watch this video to learn more about our easy-to-administer mystery shopping programs, designed specifically for multifamily property managers like you!

Unlock Powerful Survey Data To WIN in 20...

Curious about what makes your residents, and employees tick? Look no further! Our upcoming webinar is designed exclusively for people like you, seeking valuable insights from the latest survey data trends.
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The Art of Onboarding: Building Strong F...

Transform your new hires into rockstar employees with these proven onboarding strategies.
Mastering Your Pink Shoes: Exploring the Power of Emotional Intelligence for Achieving Greater Success and Fulfillment Woman Shoes Banner. High heels closeup. Top view. Women fashion. Ladies accessories. Girly casual formal shoe isolated. pink background. Footwear on floor. Copy space, mockup. flat lay Selective focus

Your Pink Shoes: Emotional Intelligence ...

Have you ever had someone or something in your life get under your skin so much that you found yourself reacting in a way that totally derailed your ability to get things done or build productive relationships? A physiological response happens in our brains when we get triggered or one of our values is compromised. Did you know we can actually learn how to control our reaction to those emotional responses?
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