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The Kingsley Excellence Award

KingsleySurveys will help you stand out from the competition and attract new residents.

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KingsleySurveys has been trusted by multifamily property management companies for more than 35 years. Our survey solutions and robust reporting engine help you effectively conduct resident and employee surveys and translate the results into actionable insights. By comparing your data to our Kingsley Index industry benchmarks, you’ll know exactly how your properties stack up against the competition.

Resident Surveys

Gain objective insights into the resident experience

  • Measure property performance and identify improvement areas.
  • Understand resident satisfaction and uncover renewal risks.
  • Increase renewal rates by proactively addressing concerns.
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Kingsley Index

The trusted industry standard for measuring resident and employee satisfaction

  • Gain a realistic and actionable assessment of portfolio performance. 
  • Compare your portfolio to accurate benchmarks by property type, asset class, and geography.
  • Receive an unbiased perspective of your portfolio versus your peer group.

Kingsley Excellence Award

Promote your achievements and stand out from the competition

Each year, we recognize individual properties that outperform the Kingsley Index benchmark for overall resident satisfaction. Kingsley Excellence Award winners consistently go above and beyond to ensure tenants are satisfied with their experience at the property, and this award helps showcase that achievement. 

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“We are rather obsessed with KingsleySurveys and use it to drive focus and change in almost everything we do. If it’s not measured in Kingsley, it must not be that important.”

Brian Ericson, Sr. VP of Marketing, Wood Partners

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