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Protect Your Business From Fair Housing Mistakes

Fair Housing is serious stuff.
Simple mistakes can turn into nightmares from lawsuits, penalties, and a tarnished reputation.
Partner with Grace Hill to get the best solutions to protect your business.

Protect Your Company With the Best Defense

The best defense to a Fair Housing claim is to first build a culture that reinforces the principles of the legal requirements. By adopting policies, training, testing, and surveys, you establish a solid foundation of operations that prevents costly errors. Grace Hill has the full Fair Housing suite of solutions you need. 

Communicate the Standard for Fair Housing With Policies

Train Your Team To Follow Fair Housing Regulations

Test the Sales Experience With Mystery Shopping

Survey Residents To Ensure the Entire Experience Meets the Standard

Staying compliant is overwhelming with changing laws and increased regulations.

Watch this short video to see how Grace Hill can help!

Fair Housing Violations Affect Your Bottom Line


Source: HUD, 2023

Rest Easy Knowing Your Team Is Trained Properly

  • Train your team with the best Fair Housing training courses approved by TDHCA and VA DPOR.
  • Extend knowledge retention with short booster courses that fit even the busiest onsite schedules.
  • Track compliance with a comprehensive admin suite of tools and robust reporting automation.
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Are you an individual looking to purchase Fair Housing credentials for yourself?

Get the individual training you need as a property management professional with Visto's Professional Fair Housing Program. This bundle is perfect for individuals looking to boost their foundational knowledge on Fair Housing including federal, state, and local protected classes plus topics like disparate impact, assistance animals, and domestic violence.

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Clearly Define Your Company’s Fair Housing Policies

  • Get a jumpstart on building policies with pre-built templates and manuals, saving you weeks of building from scratch.
  • Ensure the entire team is on the same page with a hub of instantly accessible policies and forms.
  • Give your entire team access to the most up-to-date policies and forms using any device, so there are no mistakes with outdated forms.

Survey Residents Throughout Their Experience

  • Rest assured that Fair Housing standards and best practices extend past the sales process.
  • Get real resident feedback to catch mistakes or misunderstandings before it blows up into something expensive.
  • Enjoy the side effect of better renewals and resident satisfaction through survey feedback and insights from the KingsleySurveys dashboard.
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Confirm Your Team Is Operating As Promised With Mystery Shopping

  • Get real-world feedback on the onsite sales process with mystery shopping.
  • Use a variety of shop types, from in-person and phone to virtual, to assess your onsite teams.
  • Instantly assign recommended booster training courses to improve any low-scoring sections of the shopping report.

Get serious about Fair Housing training and partner with the best in the industry!

Contact us to learn more about Grace Hill’s suite of solutions that help you meet the requirements and exceed your goals.

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