Intersectionality: Embracing Equity Through The Lens of Disability

Join Alycia Anderson as she discusses intersectionality and her perspective on the complexities of disability and how it relates to an individual's overall identity. She will share examples of famous individuals, who also happen to be disabled, and will dive into the intersections of their lives (as well as her own!).  

This special event will further explore the depths of intersectionality as being both an advantage and disadvantage in our daily lives and how important it is to understand the difference between equity and equality. 

This award-winning content has captured the hearts of all who have experienced Alycia’s candor as she shares personal stories that disarm and disable ableism through her message of inclusion. 

Date: June 22, 2023
Time: ​2 PM EST

Learning Objectives

Understand intersectionality and how it relates to disability and inclusion.

Uncover the complexity and variety of disabilities.

Explore ableism and its effects on people with visible and invisible disabilities.

Understand distinctions between equity and equality.

Discover valuable attributes that disability can bring to the workplace.



Alycia Anderson

Alycia Anderson, is an international T E D motivational speaker, CEO, inclusion champion, advocate, DEI & accessibility changemaker, Podcaster (Pushing Forward with Alycia - coming Spring 2023), a former VP of a Multifamily SaaS technology company and a believer in possible.

Alycia holds a European Masters Degree in Adapted Physical Activity emphasizing the benefits, practices and principles of inclusion. She is a tennis player, cyclist, identical twin and has been a wheelchair user since birth.

Alycia shares her journey globally to help companies and organizations understand the true benefits inherent to building a diverse, inclusive and accessible workplace and society. Shining light on how our diversities are core to the qualities that make each of us uniquely qualified and able in life

Alycia's Authenticity and charisma draw others to her and she naturally connects with them to inspire, mentor, champion, and support. Alycia right sizes everyday obstacles to open minds to a world of possibility. "And that's how she rolls!"

Alycia has spoken for the likes of: Abercrombie & Fitch Co., harmony, Hyatt, AAA, AbbVie, Sodexo, Arizona State University, National Apartment Association, Burlington Stores, and has been featured in an AT&T commercial, the Los Angeles Times, Chicago Tribune, and the Orange County Register. She's also been a guest on the Leeza Gibbons show, spotlighted on CBS news, and featured on the covers of Living Low and New Mobility Magazines.

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