2020 Resident Sentiment Report (Issue 1) - Grace Hill
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2020 Resident Sentiment Report (Issue 1)

The COVID-19 Resident Sentiment Report contains valuable data, analysis, and actionable solutions to some of the most immediate and necessary topics for multifamily property managers at the early stage of the pandemic, including: 

  • Rent Payment
  • Rent and Normalcy
  • The Pain by Region
  • The Six Months Ahead
  • Virtual Tours
  • Virtual Leasing
  • Residents’ Six-Month Relocation Plans
  • Lack of Awareness and Confusion Over CARES Act
  • Service Delivery
  • Maintaining High Service Delivering During COVID-19
  • How Kingsley’s Clients Compared
  • Safety and Sanitization
  • Social Norms and Empathy Toward Residents

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