Visto Bulk Sales

Bulk pre-sales for enterprise customers on key Visto products

What is Visto?

Visto is a direct-to-learner training platform for property management professionals who want to take their careers to the next level. It’s powered by NAAEI and Grace Hill, the two leaders in online training for our industry. Visto is built for individual learners to purchase credentials, continuing education courses or industry trend presentations as they want to train with an individual credit card. Anyone can buy and take training courses on Visto, and NAA Members also receive a discount with a valid Member ID.


What training is available on Visto?

NAAEI Credentials (NALP & CAM immediately, CAPS & CAS later in 2017)

Continuing Education Courses from NAAEI and Grace Hill

Rewind Courses from NAA Education & Student Housing Shows

Fair Housing & Beyond from NAAEI and IREM


Is there a bulk sales offer for enterprise customers?

While Visto is primarily for individual learners who want to earn credentials online and maintain those by earning continuing education credits, the Grace Hill sales team can make bulk pre-sales for enterprise customers on a few key Visto products. The minimum order for an enterprise sale is $1500, and the bulk discounts apply when a customer buys 10 or more products.


How Do Visto Enterprise Sales Work?

• Grace Hill sales team member takes your order (minimum of $1500)

• Visto team generates voucher codes for each of your products and provides them to you

• You distribute Visto codes for learners you want to provide credentials of CEC training

• Grace Hill invoices you for the sale amount

• Your learners log into, create an account and redeem the codes for the training you want them to take

• Visto codes will be good for one year after purchase

• No refunds for pre-sale codes generated & not redeemed

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