5 Ways to Budget For A Memorable Resident Experience
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How To Budget in Multifamily: 5 Things To Add To Create A Memorable Resident Experience

Posted on July 22, 2024 by Grace Hill

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When budgeting for a multifamily rental community, there is much more to consider than just expenses and revenue. To create a memorable resident experience, you must allocate budget resources to ensure the community is inviting, comfortable, and well-maintained. We’ll explore five essential items you should consider including in your multifamily budget to provide an enjoyable living experience for your residents.

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Understanding the Importance of Resident Experience in Multifamily Housing

As a manager of multifamily rental housing, you know that a successful community requires more than filling vacancies and collecting rent. Creating an outstanding resident experience should be a top priority, and it can make a significant difference in both your financial success and management reputation.

The quality of amenities, services, and customer service directly impact residents’ satisfaction, which can increase the likelihood of them renewing their leases and recommending your property to others. This translates to higher occupancy rates and increased rental income.

Moreover, a positive resident experience can also help minimize resident turnover, which can be expensive and time-consuming. Providing a welcoming and comfortable environment with personalized amenities and services creates a sense of home for residents, encouraging them to stay longer and pay more in rent.

Financial success and a better management reputation often follow when you prioritize the resident experience. So when budgeting, invest in amenities, services, and customer service that keep the resident experience at the forefront of any property manager’s mind.

Figure Out What Your Residents Want

Understanding what your residents want is critical when budgeting for multifamily rental housing. It’s not enough to assume you know what they desire in their communities and apartments. You must actively seek out their opinions to understand what makes their experience truly memorable.

One of the best ways to determine what your residents want is by conducting surveys. A well-designed survey can help you gather information about your residents’ needs, preferences, and concerns.

Solutions like Grace Hill’s KinglseySurveys can give you a better idea of what works well in your community and what areas need improvement. With the support of experts to analyze survey results, you can gain valuable insights to help you make data-driven decisions about enhancing the resident experience.

By conducting resident surveys, you show your residents that you care about their opinions and genuinely desire to create a community that meets their needs. Plus, their feedback can help you make informed decisions about where to allocate your budget to enhance the resident experience.

Five Key Areas to Enhance the Resident Experience

As a multifamily housing manager, creating a positive and memorable resident experience should be at the top of your priority list. While the budget may be limited, there are still key areas where you can allocate resources to enhance the quality of living for your residents. 

Here are five key areas to consider when adding to your budget for the upcoming year:

  1. Community Events: Organizing events for your residents can foster a sense of community and bring everyone together. Consider hosting monthly events like game nights, movie screenings, or potluck dinners. These gatherings don’t have to break the bank and can be an effective way to make your multifamily community stand out.
  2. Pet Amenities: According to recent surveys, almost 70% of renters have pets, which means that pet amenities are an essential factor when it comes to creating a positive resident experience. Consider adding features such as a pet park, pet grooming services, or designated pet washing stations.
  3. Concierge Services: One of the most significant selling points of luxury apartments is the presence of a concierge. While not all multifamily properties can afford a full-time concierge, you can still provide limited services that make residents’ lives easier, such as accepting packages on their behalf or providing access to housekeeping services. There are a few service providers that you can leverage for these services without adding the extra overhead!
  4. Technology Upgrades: The world is increasingly becoming digital, and your residents expect the same from their living spaces. Consider upgrading common areas with high-speed Wi-Fi, installing smart thermostats, or providing keyless entry options. These upgrades will modernize the community and cater to residents’ technology needs.
  5. Fitness Classes: Residents increasingly prioritize health and wellness, and offering onsite fitness classes can be a huge draw. Consider bringing in a yoga instructor or personal trainer to provide weekly classes for residents. This will help create a sense of community while also offering a valuable amenity.

By investing in these five areas and more, you’ll create a more enjoyable and memorable experience for your residents. Not only will this lead to happier residents, but it will also increase the property’s value and generate positive word-of-mouth marketing. When creating your next budget, consider allocating resources to enhance these amenities and services to differentiate your multifamily property from competitors and make it a desirable living space.

In today’s competitive multifamily rental market, creating memorable resident experiences to attract and retain residents is crucial. To do so, multifamily managers need to set realistic budget goals and invest in key areas that will enhance the resident experience. These areas include improving common areas, investing in technology, providing high-quality customer service, hosting resident events, and offering convenient amenities. 

By incorporating these elements into your budget planning, you can create an environment that residents will love and want to call home for years to come. Remember, happy residents are your best advertising, and investing in their experience will ultimately benefit your bottom line.

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