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Inclusive Language in Rental Housing Che...

Using inclusive language fosters a culture of respect that shows the organization’s commitment to creating a safe and welcoming environment where everyone's opinions and experiences are valued. Millennials and Generation Z find this especially important.
When Disaster Strikes Ebook_Mock up

When Disaster Strikes: 7 Multifamily Dis...

Download our ebook now to ensure you have a disaster plan in place for your multifamily property.
CRE Trends Whitepaper 2024

Top CRE Trends for 2024

Download our comprehensive analysis unpacking the most critical trends shaping the commercial real estate landscape into 2024.
Multifamily Talent Development Insights and Challenges ebook_thumbnail

The Data Is In!

Learn how industry leaders prioritize and address concerns related to developing talent and improving their employee and property performance.

Things To Consider When Selecting New So...

Gone are the days of investing in technology only for cost-saving returns. Adopting new software is pivotal to modernize your business, enhance operations, and outpace your competitors

What You Need To Know About Offboarding ...

Download our offboarding checklist now to learn how to effectively offboard employees today.

Best-In-Class or Single Stack: What Is t...

As a multifamily professional, you're faced with a fundamental decision: Is it better to integrate various technologies using a best-in-class approach or embrace a single-stack solution?
2024 Renter Preferences Survey Flyer_thumbnail

RPS Report by NMHC and Grace Hill

The Renter Preferences Survey Report by NMHC and Grace Hill provides critical insights to rental housing providers about every stage of the customer journey — from search to renewal!
Cultivating the Next Generation Ebook

Cultivating the Next Generation of Multi...

More and more renters are looking for innovative, well-managed properties. Learn how property management companies need to attract and retain the best talent if they want to thrive in this fast-paced and competitive market.
Marijuana in Multifamily Infographic

The High Life: Demystifying Marijuana in...

Management companies and property managers must stay well-informed in order to successfully navigate differing attitudes toward marijuana use, requests for accommodation, and compliance with Fair Housing laws.

Mystery Shop Reporting Guide

Improve your property performance and discover actionable insights with Grace Hill! Designed with flexibility in mind, our Annual & Save reporting dashboard is capable of custom reporting and analytics to provide the most comprehensive mystery shop reporting available.
Mystery Shopping programs with Grace Hill

Multifamily Mystery Shopping Programs Br...

Improve performance with a mystery shopping package from Grace Hill! Whether you want the convenience of our Quarterly Program or the flexibility of the Annual Package, you are sure to find the solution that works best for your business.
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