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Seizing ESG Opportunity in Commercial Re...

Don’t wait for changing regulations - build a sustainability strategy and ensure ESG compliance today! Download our ebook now to unlock your ESG advantage with KingsleySurveys.
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Success Story Clarity Commercial Chaos t...

Read how Clarity Commercial improved workflows and streamlined operations with policies and training.
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Multifamily Policy Solution Brochure PHQ

Improve your property performance and maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring everyone has access to up-to-date company policies.
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Grace Hill By The Numbers Infographic

Grace Hill’s industry-specific solutions and superior content help clients improve property performance, reduce operating risk, and retain talent. Download this infographic to see exactly how Grace Hill makes an impact.
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Unlock Leasing and Renewal Success by Un...

The link between satisfaction and renewals is undeniable, but gathering accurate data about what residents really want can be difficult. Download this infographic to learn some of the key drivers that can unlock leasing and renewal success.
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Commercial Brochure: Comprehensive Surve...

The link between tenant satisfaction and renewals is undeniable, but gathering accurate data for your properties can be challenging. KingsleySurveys offers comprehensive survey tools and trusted industry benchmarks that have proven to increase portfolio performance and NOI.
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The Property Management Factor: How Tena...

A new academic study published by economists at Maastricht University and MIT entitled “Tenant Satisfaction and Commercial Building Performance” sought to quantify the impact of overall tenant satisfaction. Download our new whitepaper that summarizes the university research and highlights statistically proven ways to improve your overall performance.

Multifamily Training & LMS – Broc...

Learning and development are critical to the success of every multifamily company. Grace Hill’s learning management solutions deliver the content you need in a system that’s easy to use and manage. Work with our multifamily experts to determine whether Vision or E2L is best for your business!

Cultivating the Next Generation of Multi...

Download this ebook to learn the top 10 ways to help cultivate the future generations in your company!

5 Ways To Transform Training From Averag...

Does your organization’s training have what it needs? Download this free ebook to learn the five things you need for an effective training program!

What Does Turnover Really Cost You? – ...

When employees leave, you suffer from additional recruiting and training expenses, plus remaining employees burn out, causing a ripple effect that ultimately leads to higher resident turnover.
Cambridge Policies Success Story

Success Story Cambridge Ditches Bulky Po...

Read how Cambridge solved their paper problems and ditched bulky policy binders.
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