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Marijuana in Multifamily Infographic

The High Life: Demystifying Marijuana in...

The legalization of marijuana has impacted many industries, and multifamily is no exception. Conflicting state and federal laws and constantly changing regulations lead to challenges within communities. Management companies and property managers must stay well-informed in order to successfully navigate differing attitudes toward marijuana use, requests for accommodation, and compliance with Fair Housing laws.

Mystery Shop Reporting Guide

Improve your property performance and discover actionable insights with Grace Hill! Designed with flexibility in mind, our Annual & Save reporting dashboard is capable of custom reporting and analytics to provide the most comprehensive mystery shop reporting available.
Mystery Shopping programs with Grace Hill

Multifamily Mystery Shopping Programs Br...

Improve performance with a mystery shopping package from Grace Hill! Whether you want the convenience of our Quarterly Program or the flexibility of the Annual Package, you are sure to find the solution that works best for your business.
Mystery Shop Reporting Guide

Mystery Shop Reporting Guide

Empower your team with valuable insights that improve performance and leasing conversions! Grace Hill includes powerful reporting tools with our Quarterly Mystery Shopping programs, making it easy to manage shops and assign upskill training for your team. This guide outlines a few of our most popular administrative reports available in the Quick Reports menu and when to use them.
Elevate Resident Culture Checklist

From Good to Great: Your Checklist To El...

Creating a solid resident culture takes time and effort, but it is worth it! Elevate your resident culture to reduce resident turnover, increase property value, and reduce resident complaints. With our new checklist, you can transform your property into a vibrant community that residents will love!
Grace Hill Mystery Shop Descriptions

Grace Hill Mystery Shop Types

Our mystery shopping programs include internet, phone, onsite, virtual, and self-guided shopper evaluations — capturing comprehensive and accurate feedback on your leasing experience. By getting feedback from real-world customers, you can identify areas where your team excels and areas where they need improvement.
Kingsley Excellence Awards Brochure Mockup

Kingsley Excellence Awards Brochure

Celebrate top performance with a Kingsley Excellence Award! Each year, Grace Hill recognizes individual properties and companies with the highest overall satisfaction.
Budgeting Breakthrough: A Must-Have Planning Checklist

Budgeting Breakthrough: A Must-Have Plan...

Without a well-crafted budget, property managers can find themselves stuck in a financial rut, unable to move forward in terms of growth and development. Download this checklist and create a budget to help you effectively manage your property and achieve your financial goals!

Keep Top-Notch Talent: The Multifamily M...

A comprehensive checklist for creating a winning multifamily talent retention strategy with Grace Hill.
Criminal Background Checklist_Infographic

Criminal Background Checks – Infograph...

Grace Hill multifamily training solutions can help you understand FHA standards surrounding criminal background checks.
Assistance animals provide immeasurable support and companionship for the residents who depend on them.

Fur-Real Answers to Ruff Questions: How ...

As multifamily professionals, navigating conversations related to your community’s assistance animal policy can be difficult. While individual situations may vary, here are some real responses to the most common “ruff” conversations surrounding assistance animals. Download this infographic to start handling conversations about assistance animals effectively and compassionately.

The Digital Doorway: How multifamily can...

This ebook explores the importance of creating a positive online leasing experience, along with practical tips for multifamily operators who want to transform their digital presence to attract and retain residents.
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