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Alycia Anderson

Alycia Anderson is an international TEDx motivational speaker, CEO of The Alycia Anderson Company, inclusion champion, advocate, DEI & accessibility changemaker, podcaster (Pushing Forward with Alycia), a former VP of a multifamily SaaS technology company, and a believer in possible. 

Alycia holds a master’s degree in adapted physical activity from KU Leuven in Belgium, emphasizing the benefits, practices, and principles of inclusion. She is a tennis player, cyclist, and identical twin and has been a wheelchair user since birth.

Alycia shares her journey globally to help companies and organizations understand the true benefits of building a diverse, inclusive, and accessible workplace and society. Her story highlights how our diversities are core to the qualities that make each of us uniquely qualified and able in life. Alycia’s authenticity and charisma draw others to her, and she naturally connects them to inspire, mentor, champion, and support.


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