Amelia Woolard

Amelia Woolard

Amelia is an experienced content developer with a focus on multifamily housing insights. Drawing from her experience in digital marketing and account management, Amelia produces written copy that informs and engages the B2B industry.

Blog Assistance Animals: What Every Multifamily Operator Should Know Fair Housing Month

Assistance Animals: 4 Things Every Multifamily Operator Should Know

April is Fair Housing Month, prompting reflection on reasonable accommodations for multifamily residents, such as providing a designated accessible parking space or permitting an assistance animal request.. Assistance animals are specially trained to assist people with disabilities with mobility, navigation, hearing, emotional support, and medical conditions.  Unlike pets, which are kept for companionship, assistance animals… Read More »

women in multifamily real estate

5 Ways To Support Women in Multifamily

Whether they are property managers, C-suite executives, or investors, women bring unique perspectives and skills to multifamily workplaces. Even so, women face numerous challenges, like gender bias, harassment, and discrimination. If we break down these barriers, the multifamily industry can become more equitable and prosperous. Keep reading to uncover five ways to support women working… Read More »

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