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Efron Landau

Based in Cape Coral, Florida, I am a non-binary, queer content creator, passionate about infusing diversity and authenticity into advertising. I've cultivated my own diverse following and aided numerous brands in creating content that resonates with a broad range of audiences.

My strength lies in understanding diverse perspectives, which I utilize to create content that is engaging, inclusive, and representative. While appreciating and highlighting the unique voices within each brand, I aim to help businesses establish trust within communities they may not have reached otherwise.

I am always excited to partner with brands of all kinds that value authenticity and diversity. Together, let's build not just a customer base, but a community of committed fans that resonate with your brand for years to come.


Beyond Tokenism: 5 Ways Organizations Can Create Real Inclusivity for LGBTQ+ Employees

May 30, 2023

Growing up, I always knew I was different. I struggled with my gender identity, feeling like I was constantly playing a role that didn’t quite fit.… Read More »

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