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Refocus Residence Experience MaintenanceBlog

How to Overcome Maintenance Challenges Amid Skilled Labor Shortages

 A Q&A With Traveling Facilities Operations Specialist Erica Counts   Sometimes, life comes full circle and reminds you how small the world can be. While…

Creating an Employee Centric Culture

Putting People First: How To Create An Employee-Centric Culture

When we talk about building an employee-centric culture, what we really mean is focusing on the well-being and success of our employees. This means making…

Mystery Shopping Happy curlu young woman use laptop in modern place with bright windows.

What You Need to Know: Your Ultimate Guide To Digital Mystery Shopping

How digital mystery shopping can help improve your property’s online conversions. Mystery shopping may not be a new concept in multifamily, but it has evolved…

Commercial real estate group of business people team meeting talking job interview brainstorming planning.

Increasing Tenant Satisfaction – and ROI – Through Superior Service Delivery

The key to keeping buildings leased is to make sure tenants are happy. Buildings with satisfied tenants are more likely to retain existing tenants and…

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