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Validate: The Next Generation
Mystery Shopping Solution

Posted on April 1, 2019


Validate Mystery Shopping
A New Way to Assess Performance and Reduce Risk

Mystery shopping is the best way to evaluate how your employees are performing and how well your training is working. However, current mystery shop programs require a lot of administration time and cost and deliver inaccurate results.


Introducing the Next Generation of Mystery Shopping

Validate is a big leap forward in mystery shopping. Now you can administer a high-performing and results-driven program without investing extra time and money. Validate makes scheduling, tracking, scoring, remediating, reporting and even budgeting for shops easier. It’s a better, more modern way to measure employee performance and compliance.


A smarter admin dashboard for greater shop visibility and control

The Validate dashboard gives you a full array of valuable real-time information about any shop, covering any stage of the process. From the Validate dashboard, clients will be able to order A La Carte shops, check the status of shops already ordered, view shop details, review the recommended remediation assignments, make individual assignments, and track the number of shops ordered versus completed. You’re always informed and on top of it.



validate Easily assign shops when, where, and how you like

A built-in ordering engine makes configuring exactly the type of shop you want and assigning it a snap. Choose from a phone, online, in-person and in-person with video. Validate takes care of the rest. We call it “set-it-and-forget-it mystery shopping administration.”


Adjustable scoring to match your company’s performance criteria

With Validate, employees are measured and reported on the way you want them to be. You control the scoring and can provide feedback to your employees based on your training and culture.


validate Intelligent remediation delivers targeted, short, skill-based training

We’ve developed a unique courseware matrix that automatically assigns the right amount of remediation training. Your employees get the exact help they need, tracked within their learning platform if you are also a Vision client. This helps mitigate risk and improve company performance.


Quick access to shop results and performance reports

Validate’s robust reporting engine delivers comprehensive and shareable reports. From initiation to remediation assignment, the integrated dashboard provides admins with full transparency into their mystery shops. Validate provides centralized visibility into employee performance. Each shop report includes the employee’s transcript and any remediation progress.

At every stage of employee development, Grace Hill helps you elevate performance and reduce risk

When combined with our other industry-leading solutions, Vision and PolicyPartner, Validate becomes a key component of an integrated talent management platform. Putting all three solutions in place enables you to cover the entire employee performance loop — from setting policies to providing required training and assessing performance.


To learn more about Validate, visit or call (866) GRACEHILL to schedule a demo.


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