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Boost Your Budget With Grace Hill

Make sure you have the tools in place to meet your budget goals.

With Grace Hill, you have solutions you can leverage to help boost revenue, mitigate costly mistakes, and better understand your residents to increase renewals.

Budget Season Is Here!

As a multifamily manager, you are under constant pressure to reduce operational costs, but that doesn’t mean the budget has to suffer. In today’s economic climate, cutting costs and maximizing efficiency are crucial.

When looking to add solutions or cut expenses, you’ll need practical tools that help you beyond a single line item. Proper training for multifamily enables you to increase revenue. Effective policy management prevents costly mistakes from non-compliance. And resident survey analysis helps you understand your residents — and which amenities and services they want — to increase renewals.

Grace Hill has the tools you need to ensure every budget season runs smoothly!

Boost Revenue With Training

Protect Against Costly Mistakes With Policies

Understand Your Residents Better With Surveys

Improve Property Performance With Training

  • Generic training won’t work! Train your team with relevant course content specifically created for multifamily.
  • Empower your team with training that engages them — learn better, retain more, and improve performance.
  • Add elective training bundles to elevate performance and upload custom training to fit your unique training program.
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Prevent Costly Mistakes With Policies

  • Provide company knowledge instantly to everyone.
  • Help your employees be more confident and engaged in their work.
  • Reduce mistakes in completing tasks by making all procedures available to the team.

Renew More by Understanding Your Residents With Surveys

  • Get feedback directly from your residents! KingsleySurveys collects data on their experience at every point in their journey.
  • Analyze results with comprehensive reporting, relevant benchmarks, and periodic consultant reviews.
  • Uncover insights to get up to a 20% increase in renewal intention over the national average when adding multiple tools.
KingsleySurveys enhances your current Grace Hill solutions.

Budget season will be a breeze with the right solutions in place!

Talk to our multifamily experts today to see how Grace Hill solutions can help improve property and operating performance.


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