Grace Hill Launches Employee Engagement Survey Program

Grace Hill Launches Employee Engagement Program to Address Retention and Turnover

Turnkey solution helps multifamily and commercial real estate companies understand and solve employee challenges

Greenville, S.C., November 8, 2023 – Grace Hill, the innovator of talent and performance management solutions for commercial and multifamily real estate, today announced the launch of the KingsleySurveys Employee Engagement Program, a comprehensive employee experience solution that helps real estate companies retain employees and reduce turnover costs. This new program provides leaders with real time insights needed to understand and quickly act on employee feedback before it’s too late. 

Employee retention is an ongoing challenge in our industry and turnover is higher than the national average,” said Kendall Pretzer, CEO of Grace Hill. “Companies are seeking tools to better understand employee needs and implement effective change. Grace Hill has made significant technology investments to our survey solutions product to help our clients improve performance and engagement.”

Losing valuable employees is costly, going beyond just the money spent on hiring and training. The average cost of hiring a new employee is approximately $4,700, according to data from Zippia. For a company with 100 workers and a typical turnover rate, this can add up to over $150,000 in annual hiring expenses. These numbers do not consider the productivity lost or the toll on employees due to burnout, making it critical for employers to prioritize employee satisfaction.

“Employee departures are beyond an inconvenience — they disrupt operations, impact property performance and strain budgets,” said Julia Crawford, senior vice president of product management at Grace Hill. “As the leader in multifamily and CRE surveys, Grace Hill will continue to enhance and expand our solutions for our clients. By capturing unbiased feedback, this scalable solution can help companies make proactive decisions that improve overall satisfaction and performance.”

The primary goal of the new KingsleySurveys Employee Engagement Program is to provide critical sentiment data to companies and help employees feel valued and productive in reaching their growth potential. This comprehensive solution offers a wide range of surveys and features including an Annual Employee Engagement Survey, Pulse Surveys, and Moments That Matter Surveys at critical touch points during recruiting, onboarding, training, and offboarding. A real-time dashboard combined with the powerful  Kingsley Index™ Benchmarks provides actionable insights that make a difference for real estate owners and operators.


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