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Human Trafficking in Multifamily Real Estate

Training & Policy Solutions That Make a Difference

Grace Hill offers innovative, comprehensive training and policies on human trafficking topics for multifamily real estate. Approximately 25 million people worldwide are trafficked at any given time, according to the U.S. Department of State, many of whom are women and children.

Multifamily property managers have a responsibility to create a safer, more welcoming, and equitable workplace environment. Grace Hill provides foundational tools for employers in the multifamily housing industry. Ensure that your organization understands the issue of human trafficking and takes action to be part of the solution.

Tools to Empower and Equip the Multifamily Industry

Grace Hill and iEmpathize designed a comprehensive educational program geared toward the multifamily industry. It includes training, informational and instructional pages, quizzes, videos, and other tools to help multifamily teams recognize potential human trafficking activities and take appropriate action.

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"Human trafficking is an important social crisis that needs to be addressed. We will work alongside iEmpathize to provide our industry with the tools necessary to not only recognize and fully understand the issue but also to be part of the solution."

Kendall Pretzer
CEO, Grace Hill


Industry-Specific Training

Up-to-date training courseware in a platform that’s easy to use, manage, and scale.

  • Learn how to spot and report possible human trafficking situations from industry experts like iEmpathize. 
  • Gain tools and instructional pages to take appropriate and timely action.
  • Receive regularly updated and modified training to meet additional state requirements as laws evolve.

Multifamily Policies and Procedures

A comprehensive policy solution built specifically for the multifamily real estate industry.

  • Ensure that your organization remains in compliance with evolving state laws.
  • Equip multifamily communities with industry- specific knowledge and customizable policies.
  • Share operational strategies to take your team toward proactive prevention.
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Learn more from these Grace Hill resources to equip your organization with the tools they need.

Human Trafficking Truths: A Guide to Savings Lives in Your Community

This ebook outlines signs of human trafficking so onsite teams have an opportunity to save lives and protect people.

Debunked: Top 5 Human Trafficking Myths

Learn more about the top five myths many may not know about human trafficking in multifamily.

Labor Trafficking in Multifamily: How Apartment Operators Can Make a Difference

Watch Grace Hill's labor trafficking webinar featuring a panel discussion with iEmpathize.

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