INTERNAL NAA Hot Lead Tracking - Grace Hill


Use this page to track all hot leads for NAA if a scanner is unavailable and you are unable to fill in all sales related questions and answers.


  • What type of leads should be entered on this form? Individuals interested in a demo or want more information after the event.


  • Is this form only for non-customers? No, fill out the form any time there is interest from an existing client,  previous customer or a brand new prospect.


  • What if I already scanned a person's badge, do I also need to fill out the form? Only if you did not answer the product and demo questions on the scanner.


  • When should I enter my leads? During the show, in the evenings, on the plane and no later than 2 business days from returning from the event. All leads must be entered in the form so they can be tracked in Salesforce.

Fill In Lead Details Here

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