Move-In Effect: How the ‘Hello’ Impacts Resident Satisfaction
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Move-In Effect: How the “Hello” Impacts the “I’ll Stay Longer”

Learn more about “The Move-In Effect” to uncover how the first "hello" directly impacts a resident’s likelihood to renew later. This session dives into the psychology of first impressions and reveals pivotal data demonstrating how move-in satisfaction equates to long-term resident loyalty. If you're ready to decrease turnover, increase satisfaction, and create communities residents are proud to call home, this is your blueprint for success!

Learning objectives:

  1. Analyze real-world data linking move-in satisfaction with long-term resident retention, equipping attendees with insights for strategic planning.
  2. Define and execute a seamless and, dare we say, delightful move-in. 
  3. Formulate a personalized action plan to improve onsite team efficiency and reduce turnover.


Sydney Webber, Senior Marketing Lead, Updater

Sydney Webber has a decade of multifamily experience, with the majority of it in marketing on both the operator and vendor sides. In 2022, her podcast, “Renter Obsessed,” won the Platinum DotComm award, and she has since started a new show called “Life After Leasing.” Sydney works on Updater’s marketing team and moderates the Revyse community. She has shared marketing strategies as a mainstage speaker at multiple AIM conferences and been featured in Globe Street, Multifamily Insiders, and Multihousing News.

Devin Lusk, Director of Marketing at American Landmark Apartments

Devin Lusk has more than 20 years of multifamily housing industry experience, Devin brings dynamic expertise and knowledge to the American Landmark team. Currently overseeing the marketing department for American Landmark, she also supports over 100 multifamily communities in American Landmark’s portfolio for digital advertising, social media, websites, virtual reality tours, marketing technology, and CRM — anything that directly or indirectly contributes to property marketing. Before joining the company in 2015, she worked onsite in the Tampa Bay area and served in various roles, from leasing to community management.

Stephanie Anderson, Senior Director of Communications and Social Media at Grace Hill

Stephanie Anderson is the Senior Director of Communications and Social Media at Grace Hill. As a working mom of four with over 17 years of property management experience, Stephanie is the first leader in multifamily to bring a unique 360° perspective to working as an operator, a non-profit association manager, and a supplier partner. Stephanie’s dynamic career has been intentional in trying new things and disrupting the status quo at all costs.

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