Neurodiversity in Multifamily Webinar: Strategies for Inclusion
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Neuro-WHAT? Neurodiversity and Multifamily: Strategies for Fostering Inclusion

It's time to begin a conversation about an important topic in the multifamily industry: how to foster inclusion for individuals who are neurodiverse. As the population of the United States becomes increasingly diverse, it's more important than ever for multifamily communities to be welcoming and inclusive to residents and employees of all backgrounds and abilities.

Join Christi Wedel, Learning and Development Manager, AG Living, as she explores strategies for supporting neurodiversity in multifamily housing, including how to create an environment that is accessible and accommodating for all. 

Whether you're an onsite team member, a property manager, or an owner, this webinar is sure to provide valuable insights and actionable strategies for creating a more inclusive environment in your community!

Learning Objectives

Strategies for supporting neurodiversity in multifamily.

Best practices for engaging with neurodiverse individuals.

Benefits of fostering a culture of inclusion


Christi Wedel, Learning and Development Manager, AG Living

Christi Wedel

Fifteen years ago, Christi Wedel began her career in the multifamily industry, initially as a leasing consultant. After working onsite for some time, she became a leasing manager, then advanced to various marketing positions. Later, she was promoted to the corporate level as a marketing director, applying her skills in marketing and sales to create successful campaigns.

Today, Christi is the Learning & Development Manager for AG Living, providing her experience in corporate-level training. She is humbled to serve in this field and takes immense joy in witnessing the development of others as they accomplish their objectives.

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