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Preparing for the Future of Smart Buildings

February 25, 2021

Smart house concept. Home automation.

We are reaching a new age when it comes to building construction. No longer is it enough for our communities to provide shelter and keep us warm. Today, thanks to the evolution of technology, it’s possible to not only deliver all the services customers need and want but to do so while making the building as efficient as possible. 

The Future of Maintenance Includes Smart Apartments. This will help make communities intelligent, fun, and “Instagram-worthy” for Gen Z residents – while reducing the environmental impact of the building over its life, and, most importantly, minimizing costs.

This is a balance that will be key to multifamily going forward. We invite you to learn from our panel of experts not what smart apartments mean to future residents, but what smart buildings mean for owners, and the entire future of maintenance.

  • Richard George – Owner & Managing Director, NOI Coach
  • Paul Rhodes – Director of Maintenance Operations, The Life Properties
  • Mark Vanderhoof – Maintenance Content Writer, Grace Hill

February 25, 2021 • 2:00pm EST

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