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Employee Mental Health Matters

Employee mental health can directly impact property performance and your bottom line.

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Since 2020, 40% of rental-housing professionals said they have had to take time off work for mental health reasons1. Not having a strong self-care culture and mental health resources impacts turnover and recruitment efforts.

Setting clear expectations, offering ongoing training, and asking for employee feedback will foster an environment that sets up your team, and your properties, for success. Grace Hill can help.


“Making the decision to implement a Policy and Procedure Manual for our company was made so much easier with the help of Policies. I was working trying to do this on my own and realized just getting a format in place was a huge task. The process from start to finish was awesome, and I cannot give praise enough for the team that I worked with and the ease in being able to put it all together.”

- Kay Beller, Waldron Enterprises, LLC

Policies and Training
Link Policies and Training for Employee Success

  • Documented policies clearly explain expectations and improve performance. 
  • Our policies integrate with our LMS to link policies with training.
  • Learning paths and topics that help employees succeed.

“The information we get is invaluable in assessing operations and service gaps, helping us improve in real-time rather than months after the fact. The results speak for themselves with improved satisfaction scores across all KPIs each year since we began.”

- Laurel Z., Security Properties Residential


Comprehensive Survey Tools

  • Understand employee satisfaction and sentiments.
  • Identify key improvement areas to reduce stress and support your team.
  • Determine the effectiveness of employee training, tools, and resources.

Contact us today to learn how Grace Hill can be your partner in supporting your employees’ mental health and wellbeing!

1 National Apartment Association (www.naahq.org)

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