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Taking Compliance to the Next Level

Combine Policy and Learning Management With Survey Programs To Create More Inclusive Communities

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How inclusive are your communities? You can do all the right things, invest in all the right amenities, and still have a gap in experience.

Even with the most well-intended policy and training programs, your employees and residents may not feel included or like they truly belong in your community. But you won’t know about their personal experience unless you ask. Grace Hill can help.

Comprehensive Survey Tools

  • Understand resident and employee sentiment and satisfaction.
  • Identify key improvement areas to make your communities more welcoming and inclusive.
  • Determine the effectiveness of employee training, tools, and resources.
Heidi Guthrie, Billingsley Company

“Kingsley has been a great addition to our multifamily program. Our associates love the feedback from residents and the opportunity to turn a good experience into a great experience.”

- Heidi Guthrie, Learning Manager, Billingsley Company


Industry-Focused Training Solution

  • 600+ training courses available, including diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I) which includes disability awareness.
  • Leverages adult learning science, short courses, and personalization. 
  • Modern, user-friendly interface for a better experience.
DianeTidwell, Gumerick Properties

“Grace Hill is literally our one-stop-shop for all things learning and development. Without the help of Grace Hill’s suite of performance solutions, we would be unable to respond to the ever-evolving landscape of our industry.”

Diane Tidwell, Director of Property Management, Gumerick Properties

Adaptive Policy Management

  • Policies that take you beyond ADA compliance.
  • Over 45 DE&I-related policies to choose from.
  • Integrates with Vision LMS to link policies with training.

"We’ve been able to streamline our policies and procedures to allow our team members immediate access to consistent, up-to-date information.” 

- Jackie Rhone, Senior Managing Director, Greystar

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