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PolicyPartner Commercial

Operating procedures and CRE policies that increase performance and mitigate risk.

Compliance doesn’t have to be complicated!
PolicyPartner helps improve your portfolio performance and maintain regulatory compliance by ensuring everyone has access to company policies at any time, and on any device. 

We Are Policy Experts!

With more than 300 CRE policies included, our customizable solution has you covered!

Standardize Procedures

Mitigate Risk

Improve Employee Performance

Enhance Property Value

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Set Expectations. Drive Performance.

  • Streamline operations and ensure employees understand expectations.
  • Document procedures and save time distributing policies.
  • Extensive policy library covers key vertical industries and subject areas.
  • Policy manuals tailored to your specific property and portfolio needs.

Consistency is Key!

PolicyPartner helps you create a consistently positive experience across all of your properties with detailed, industry-specific CRE policies that fit your organization’s needs. Improve your tenants’ experience by ensuring everyone in the organization understands your expectations and can access policies at any time, and on any device. 

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Stay Compliant. Reduce Risk.

  • Detailed manuals reduce risk and improve management effectiveness.
  • Prevent litigation and fines from compliance penalties.
  • Rest assured that policies comply with changing laws and regulations.
  • Manage policies in one location, accessible by everyone, from anywhere.

Standardized Policies Create Consistency

Establish the operating procedures your organization needs, without the headache. We use decades of industry expertise to help save you time, with policies that protect your assets. PolicyPartner has 6 customizable manuals full of plug-and-play policies that create consistency and reduce your risk.

With 300+ customizable CRE policies, PolicyPartner has what you need to succeed.

  • Commercial operations manual
  • Commercial emergency procedures manual
  • Construction manual
  • Employee handbook
  • Manager guide
  • Corporate accounting

“The last thing we want is for our property management offices to miss something because policies are not consistent or outdated. The decentralized system left too much room for uncertainty and inconsistency in our accountability. PolicyPartner takes the guesswork out of it.”

Michael Aisner, RPA, LEED AP,
SVP, Property Management
RXR Realty


Download the PolicyPartner CRE product brochure to learn how you can standardize your organization’s policies and reduce liability.

Ask how PolicyPartner can help reduce risk and increase performance!

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