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KingsleySurveys Commercial Employee Surveys

Retain and attract top talent by creating an environment that promotes engagement and increases productivity.

Retain top talent. Reduce employee turnover.

Employee turnover and talent retention affect the performance of every CRE organization. KingsleySurveys can help you create an environment where employees feel challenged, valued, and productive by understanding what matters most to your team. By measuring what is working (or not working) in your organization, you can proactively make the necessary changes that build employee loyalty and protect your bottom line.  


Employees with high levels of engagement are 5x more likely to indicate that they will still be working at the same company in a year.
- Kingsley Index 

$550 billion

Disengaged employees cost U.S. companies up to $550 billion a year.
- The Engagement Institute 

Employee Experience Matters

Employee turnover costs CRE organizations over $8 million per year in recruiting, training, and lost productivity costs. Plus, it impacts stakeholder relationships and can damage company culture. The first step to combat turnover is to create an environment where your team can share their feedback, and trust that management will take action.

Employee Engagement

Better insights. Better performance.

KingsleySurveys offers annual Employee Surveys that help CRE organizations improve employee engagement, productivity and loyalty. We have standard and customized survey questions that measure employee perceptions of:

  • Your organization’s leadership and vision.
  • Their available career opportunities.
  • The effectiveness of your training, tools, and resources.

Compare your results to the Kingsley Index
, for relevant industry benchmarks that indicate where to focus your improvement efforts.


Employee Surveys Designed to Benefit CRE:



Property and Facilities Management Providers

Employee Surveys Raise Your ESG standards and GRESB score

Your Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) standards highlight your organization’s commitment to ongoing sustainability objectives. Responding to employee feedback improves employee satisfaction and increases your GRESB score.   

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KingsleySurveys Employee Survey

Generic Surveys Just Don’t Cut It!

Our dedicated commercial team can customize your survey questions and branding to fit your organization's needs. Work with our experts for in-depth analysis of key findings, strategic recommendations, and steps to improve employee retention.


Plus, we compare your results to the Kingsley Index™ industry benchmarks, providing the insights you need to drive employee performance.


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Tenant Survey Program

Capture feedback on the tenant experience and drive portfolio performance with the CRE industry’s most trusted tenant survey program. Effectively address gaps, prioritize capital expenditures, highlight your competitive advantages, and reduce turnover costs.

Client Investor Surveys Laughing group of businesspeople working around an office table

Client and Investor Surveys

Understand stakeholder sentiments and take action. Improve client relations and service offerings with unbiased insight into customer experience. Leverage survey data to gain a competitive advantage in the market and appeal to additional investors.

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