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How do You Manage Talent?

Managing the performance of your workforce is no small task. However, with the right mindset and the right set of modern tools, any size company can implement a talent management solution to develop, retain and grow its most important asset – people.

Five Fundamental Questions to Ask

Building an effective talent management solution for your company begins with addressing a set of essential questions.

Three Actions to Stay Focused On

Talent management has a lot of moving parts. But there are three fundamental actions you should always be concentrating on.

One Simple, Yet Powerful Concept to Adopt and Apply

The Talent Performance Loop provides the framework, components, and process to ensure the three fundamental actions of talent management are always in place and working together. Policies shape training. Training reinforces policies. And assessment measures training. There are no gaps in the process, and each action builds upon the other.


Our Products

Best-In-Class Solutions.
Built for The Talent Performance Loop


Our technology-enabled policy, training, and assessment solutions cover the entire Talent Performance Loop. Bolstered by outstanding service-level expertise and customer support, these configurable, scalable, and integrated solutions enable you to develop, retain, and grow your talent.

“We have been partners with Grace Hill for over 15 years. It’s been exciting to see the new solutions they’ve added in the past couple of years. And how today, they’re helping us tie together our policies, training, and mystery shopping to support the performance of our employees and properties.”


Pattie Woods

Vice President, Training and Development
Fogelman Properties

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