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Encounter an issue with your Courses?


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My past courses from Vision are not showing up in “My Achievements.”

Your previous courses should have been imported into VisionX.

If your previous courses were not imported correctly, please contact us so we can look into the issue. We will not be able to correct the issue immediately, but will prioritize your request for resolution.

  1. Contact us with the specific course(s):


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My course progress has disappeared / I was kicked out of my course.

There are two possibilities for this issue:


Possibility One: A known technical issue dealing with course completion.

Please follow these steps if your progress in a course has disappeared or you are getting a Not Authorized error:

  1. Make a note of the course name.
    • If possible, also include your progress when it kicked you out and the time at which this occurred.
  2. Contact the Technical Help desk to inform us of the issue:


Possibility Two: You have been enrolled into a new version of your course by your training administrator.

  • This means a new and improved version of the course is replacing the old version.
  • Typically, you would have received a communication leading up to the new version being released.
  • This communication should have included a date that you must complete the course by in order to not have to “start over” in the new version.
  • Contact your Training Administrator to determine if this is the cause of your course progress disappearing or being kicked out of your course.


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I thought I completed a course but it is not showing as completed? 

Vision courses require that ALL the content be accessed before counting as complete:

Three simple tips:

  1. Once all of the items below have been finished, the course should complete and be reflected on the transcript records:
    • All modules have been viewed with green check marks
    • All quiz and/or Knowledge Challenge answers have been saved and submitted.
    • Course progress bar at the top of the page reflects 100%.
  2. Ensure you click through and complete each module within the course.
  3. Track your progress from the Table of Contents to see where the green check marks are for the modules you have reviewed.
    • Note: The green check mark only reflects that you have viewed the module. However make sure that you have completed the quiz and/or Knowledge Challenge for each module, if applicable, or the course will not complete.
  4. Review the Table of Content bar for course completion percentage. If less than 100%, there’s still more of the course to complete.


  • Note: Prior to exiting your course while still ‘in progress’, make sure to click the Table of Contents, as this will save your progress for the modules you have completed.

Questions? Contact Us by:


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Why is the course I completed showing up again in my Assignment list?

If you select and take your courses through the ‘My Assignment’ list and once completed they re-appear in your Assignment list:

  • Please check the due date of the assignment: It is possible that your Company has set your courses due in the next calendar year to be auto-added to your list:


  • For instance, if you fully completed ‘Drug-Free Workplace’ and it appears in your ‘My Assignments’ list as per above, you can see the ‘Due By‘ column lists that the course is not due until 2/21/2018.  You Company has simply set your account to automatically display the same course if you are required to take it multiple years in a row.
  • If you have confirmed that all the content has been completed, but the course still shows as In Progress, Contact us so we can look into your issues:



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