Trouble logging in? Part 2 - Grace Hill
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Trouble logging in? Part 2


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The email address you entered cannot be found

This message occurs when the email address you entered into the Recover Username and Password field is not tied to an account.

If you are encountering this issue:


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Multiple Users were found with the email address you entered

This message occurs when your more than one user is listed in the system as having that email address.

To resolve this issue:


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Seeing a ‘Not Authorized’ screen while navigating Vision


If you see a ‘Not authorized’ screen pop-up when you attempt to access your ‘My Achievements’ / ‘My Assignments’ / ‘My Library’ or when you attempt to open a new or existing course, a browser refresh could resolve your issue. Steps are provided below.
You should also follow the steps below if you and a co-worker share a computer that you both use to log into Vision. You may have issues accessing your own content once you log in. If you do have issues accessing your own content or you see your co-worker’s courses/content after you log into Vision, please also follow the steps below:

1. Log out of your Vision account.

2. Clear/Refresh your browser’s cache.  Follow these steps for your particular browser.  The website provides complete steps for multiple browsers.

3. If you are unsure of the browser you are currently running, please access this web link which will provide you with your current browser.

4. After you clear/refresh your browser’s cache, please log back into VisionX with your account.  You should now see your account and content.

5. If you are unable to clear/refresh your browser’s cache, we suggest switching to a different browser that your co-worker did not use to access VisionX.

6. If you have followed these steps and you are still having issues viewing your own account/content, Contact us so we can look into your issues:



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