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Questions about the Admin Console?

Select the Issue: Setting up my reports. My reports data is incorrect, out of date… Can I delete/remove an employee from our records? Can I merge duplicate accounts? Related Questions.   Setting up my reports. Please follow these steps to ensure that your reports are properly constructed: Go to the Admin Console, and click on… Read More »

General Questions

Select the Issue: What site should my company use to login? Can I sign up for courses / how do I sign up for courses? How to clear your cache, cookies and/or browser history. Related Questions.   What site should my employees use to login? Your company has a unique URL through which your employees should… Read More »

Updating employee roles

Select the Issue: How do I change my employee’s role? What roles can I assign, and what does each one do? Related Questions.   How do I change my employee’s role? You can change an employee’s role through the admin console: Click on Assignments. Locate the desired employee, and click on their name. In the Employee… Read More »

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