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Text Surveys Boost Delivery and Response Rates

With KingsleySurveys Text/SMS delivery, you will reach more residents and see more comprehensive, actionable insights for your team!

Text/SMS is one of the most reliable forms of communication today and widely preferred by young adults as a safe and effective quick response method. Sending well-timed surveys to your residents can provide powerful feedback on move-in, work order, and move-out events.

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Flexible Delivery Options

Reach all prospects and residents in your CRM, not just those with active email addresses! Up to five questions can be delivered via Text/SMS, and longer surveys can be delivered with a short message that includes a link to the full survey.

Powerful Survey Reporting

KingsleySurveys Text/SMS surveys can capture both qualitative and quantitative response data. Both are displayed in comprehensive, roll-up results in the online portal.

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