Improve Training Experience With PerformanceHQ - Grace Hill

Improve Training Experience With PeformanceHQ

Engage employees with course content that is relevant and fun!

Experience Grace Hill's Training like never before! Now get the industry’s most trusted courses accessed through PerformanceHQ, our new technology platform.

See exciting new features and enhancements designed to increase employee engagement and admin efficiency. Plus, our updated user interface is intuitive to learn and can be access from any device!

New User Experience

Automatic Assignments

Enhanced Compliance Tracking

Awards and Leaderboards

Set It and Forget It

Save time and better protect  your organization with automatic, rule-based course assignments. Reduce the administrative effort required to run a well-trained team!

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Automated Course Assignments

Spend less time assigning courses with automated assignments! Now, admins can create assignments for multiple courses for various locations, positions, groups, or employees — all at one time.

Recurring Training Assignments

Satisfy recurring training requirements without having to remember who and when to assign specific courses. Ensure employees receive required training for ongoing annual compliance without manual admin work.

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Your Employees Deserve a Better Training Experience

Did you know? The employee turnover rate in multifamily is 33% per year, which is 11% higher than the national average.₁

Providing ongoing development is an essential way to retain personnel. In fact, 76% of employees₂ say they are more likely to stay with a company that offers continuous training. Increase employee retention and engage your team with personalized features that gamify, socialize, and boost efficiency.

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Personalized Employee Dashboards

Promote compliance with personalized dashboards where employees can easily see required, newly released, and recommended training in a single view. Plus, they can access their training "favorites" without having to search. Include company announcements, social feeds, videos, and more!

Awards and Leaderboards

Make training fun and rewarding with achievements and recognition! Performance broadcasting features like milestone awards and dynamic leaderboards provide added incentives that encourage learners to participate and engage.

PHQ Taining mockup_Awards
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Enhanced Search Capabilities

Find training courses fast and frustration-free! Leverage our improved search capabilities to save time searching for specific courses. Find what you need without worry if your search terms are perfect.

Experience The Power of Training in PerformanceHQ

Download our brochure to learn more about our enhanced Training solution in PerformanceHQ. Share it with your colleagues and contact us for a live, personalized demo!

Compliance Tracking Dashboard

Capture training compliance performance in real time without running a report! Quickly drill down into the data to highlight training compliance performance for specific properties, positions, or individuals.

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Bring Your Training and Policies Together

Set your team up for success by connecting Training and Polices in PerformanceHQ! Seamlessly tie courses with established policies that meet industry standards. Plus, you can easily collect secure digital policy acknowledgments after training!

Experience Grace Hill Training in PerformanceHQ for Yourself!

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