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Meet Gracie: AI Chatbot

Your Onsite Policy Guide

Now Availabile in PerformanceHQ

Gracie is available 24/7 to provide quick, clear responses to any policy-related question! Now available in PerformanceHQ, Gracie delivers precise and consistent answers based on your company's policy content, helping employees save time and avoid mistakes.

Conversational AI Technology

Draws From Multiple Policies

Role-Specific Responses

Instant Policy Translations

Making policies easy to find and access anytime is important for property management companies.

When Policies Are Hard to Find


More Likely Not To Be Followed


Employees More Likely To Observe Misconduct


Employees More Likely To Report Misconduct

*Gartner Compliance Guidance Imperatives Survey, 2020

Just Ask Gracie!

Your team has to be prepared for anything, and the risks are high if they don't follow the proper procedures. Gracie ensures you always have the right answer by analyzing multiple policies and delivering a single, unified response.


Role-Specific Responses

Gracie greets everyone with a smile; however, her answers may differ based on your role and position with your company.

For example, if you are a leader, she will access management-specific policies, enhancing both the security and accuracy of the response.

Instant Policy Translations

Don't have all your policies translated? No problem! Using conversational AI, Gracie instantly translates and delivers answers for your multilingual employees.

Support a diverse team with AI tools that make it easy to engage employees whose first language is not English.

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Meet Gracie: AI Chatbot

Want to introduce Gracie to your team? Download this flyer to share with your colleagues!

Just Ask Gracie!

Get simplified answers to all of your policy questions. Request your personalized demo
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