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Add Training To Elevate Performance

Don’t miss out on the benefits of adding training!
Grace Hill brings 25+ years of multifamily expertise to help you improve performance and achieve compliance while retaining your top talent.

Everything Gets Better When You Add Training

We wouldn’t send a sports team on the field for the big game without proper training and practice. Your leasing and maintenance teams are no different!

Getting better performance from your team requires better training. In fact, the best way to keep your top performers is to keep training them! Beyond saving money from employee turnover, Grace Hill’s training also helps you maintain regulatory compliance, protecting against expensive fines and lawsuits.

Improve Property Performance

Retain Top Talent

Achieve Full Compliance

Improve Property Performance With Training

  • Generic training won’t work! Train your team with relevant course content specifically created for multifamily.
  • Empower your team with training that engages them — learn better, retain more, and improve performance.
  • Add elective training bundles to elevate performance and upload custom training to fit your unique training program.
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A study by the American Society for Training and Development found that companies that invest in employee training see a 24% increase in sales revenue.


LinkedIn Learning commissioned a study that found 80% of high-performing sales teams would rate their training as very good or outstanding.


SalesForce found that sales reps who receive ongoing training are 35% more likely to exceed quota.

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Retain Top Talent With Training

  • Stop turnover in its tracks! Keep more employees by training them to be more productive.
  • Give your team the power to do their job better. Fewer mistakes lead to higher confidence and job satisfaction!
  • Invest in your team with job training and also support their career with free CECs to renew their NAAEI credential (like CAM, CAPS, and CAMT).


A study by the Society for Human Resource Management found that employees who receive training are 30% less likely to leave their jobs.


The Corporate Executive Board found that companies that invest in employee training see a 14% increase in employee engagement.



LinkedIn Learning’s study found that 94% of employees would remain with a company longer if it simply invested in their learning.

Achieve Full Compliance With Training

  • Reduce mistakes by linking policies with training to reinforce concepts.
  • Check the box on compliance training by giving your team the best training in the industry.
  • Our Fair Housing training is TDHCA and VA DPOR approved.

Achieve Full Compliance With Training


The American Society for Training & Development found that companies with a strong focus on employee compliance training were 38% less likely to be fined for compliance violations.


A study by Mindflash found that employees who receive compliance training are 50% more likely to report compliance violations.


LinkedIn Learning found that 85% of employees are more likely to follow company policies and procedures if they have received training on them.

Whether your focus is to improve property performance, retain top talent, or achieve full compliance, Grace Hill's training gets you to your goal! Add our training to your other Grace Hill solutions to accelerate your performance.

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